Friday, June 8, 2018

HoodMark Lucha Libre Promocións Press Release About New Partnership With Both Gulf State Wrestling and Action Packed Wrestling-Upcoming Matches July 28th Morgan City, LA & July 29th White Castle, LA To Crown New HoodMark Lucha Libre Champion


HoodMark Lucha Libre Promocións is a mission that myself, Koby Rutland, and fellow media-mogul, Jon-Paul LeBlanc have embarked on as of recent.

“Hood” represents the mask a luchador wears into battle. The mask of a luchador not only symbolizes their culture, but symbolizes their inner being. “Mark” represents our mission to market and showcase world class athletic luchadors to the masses.

We here at HoodMark Lucha Libre are exhilarated regarding our new partnership with both Gulf State Wrestling and Action Packed Wrestling, which are both based in Louisiana.

Septimo Dragon (Luis Fernando Diosdado) and the “Mayan Warrior” Aski Palomino are the CHOSEN. These two TopTierTalented Lucha⭐️’s have been selected to compete for the newly handcrafted HoodMark Lucha Libre Campeonato/Championship on both July 28th and July 29th. This prestigious title belt epitomizes the passion and culture of Lucha Libre.... it represents the hard work, courage, and wisdom all luchadors (past and present) have gone through to become a champion/campeón.

Septimo Dragon..... Aski Palomino....... May the odds be ever in your favor/Las probabilidades pueden estar siempre a tu favor....

🇺🇸 🇲🇽


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