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Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling Report-May 26, 2018

Jerry Lawler is once again joined by Bert Prentice for this week's episode, which featured highlights from when Bret "The Hitman" Hart came to Memphis.  Jerry and Bert also discussed that a few weeks after Bret came to Memphis, Vince McMahon made his first appearance as a "bad guy" in Memphis.  They both talked about how Vince loved it so much that he went back to WWE and started using the character to create some of the best moments ever in popular feuds with the likes of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and others.
Lawler introduced his longtime band member, Tom Nunnery who is always playing "World's Greatest Wrestler."
The first video they shared was the beginning of the Lawler/Hart feud back when Bret Hart was crowned the "King of the Ring" in WWE.  Lawler felt like he was the only true "King of Wrestling" and attacked Hart after "The Hitman" called him "Burger King."

Lawler noted that Bert Prentice is also a promoter that runs USA Championship Wrestling around Jackson, Tennessee.  Bert Prentice mentioned that he managed a lot of popular stars that came through Memphis during the 80s and 90s which included Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Lex Luger, Papa Shango and Giant Gonzalez.

Up next, we saw a classic promo from Bret and Owen about their upcoming, "Mother of All Matches" against Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett.  Good stuff!

They showed this music video of Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart from the Mid-South Coliseum.  Lawler told how Bret wasn't used to being booed when he came to Memphis because he was so loved everywhere else as part of the WWE.  A good reason why he was so hated was his allegiance with Bert Prentice at the time.

They showed Giant Gonzalez in action, accompanied by Bert Prentice.

Next was highlights from the tag-team match between Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett versus Bret and Owen Hart.

Lawler picked on Prentice for wearing those plastic Bret Hart sunglasses.  Prentice said he got $375 for those.  The next video they showed was a real treat which featured Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett battling Bret Hart and his partner, The Undertaker!  Lawler was surprised by this footage and didn't remember this match.

Bert Prentice added that the next week Jerry Lawler wrestled Papa Shango at the Mid-South Coliseum.  Lawler told a story about Papa Shango going to the famed Monster Factory to get trained by Larry Sharpe.  Lawler said he paid his money and Sharpe told him to come back the following week, but Sharpe ended up calling him to inform him to go straight to Memphis next week.  He would be wrestling Jerry Lawler.  When he said he wasn't trained yet, Sharpe told him, "Don't worry, you're going to be wrestling Jerry Lawler.  You'll be fine."  He wrestled as "The Soultaker" when he first started in Memphis before going on to become Papa Shango and later The Godfather in the WWE.

They showed the cage match between Jerry Lawler and Bret Hart from the Mid-South Coliseum.  This match also featured appearances by Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Giant Gonzalez.

Jerry Lawler thanked Bert Prentice for bringing these clips of all the talent he managed in Memphis.

Lawler showed a quick preview of an upcoming episode featuring his biggest win in his entire Memphis Wrestling career, his AWA World Heavyweight Championship victory against Curt Hennig from May 9, 1988.

Throughout the episode, they aired commercials from Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling Sponsors:
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Memphis, Tennessee
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