Monday, May 21, 2018

Hey guys !! It's Brian Tramel with Shootin' the Shiznit episodes !

I want to say thanks to Derick & Jimmy for letting me post on here ! I started my podcast back over a year ago and wanted to start posting the episodes here. I just started a series with Memphis area guys and I think this might be the starting point for this site !

 All the old posts from my site and all the archives episodes of the podcasts are at

Simon Reed joins Brian Tramel for episode 111. This is the first show in our “Memphis in May” series. Reed talks about starting as a fan, watching Memphis Wrestling, Sting, training with Don Bass, forming the Beale Street Posse, meeting Lil’Chris to form The Posse, BT tells a few Posse stories and much more! This is a fun 36 minute action packed episode !

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