Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Breaking News!! Will EPW and OWO merge together??


This was posted from Dirty Terrell ( promoter of oWo)

oWo Supershow and Epw looking to merge into one company. "Myself and Bonecrusher have been in talks about merging into one company but nothing is official yet. (Dirty) Terrell Moore. We have had issues the last few months but we agree that we want to do what best for wrestling in Northeast Mississippi so hopefully we can get something official soon.

STS with Mark Southern !!!

I am going to be posting one a day here in this series until I get you guys caught up !!

It’s time for a brand new episode of “Shootin The Shiznit.” Mark Southern joins Brian Tramel for episode 113.  This is the second show in our “Memphis in May” series.  Southern talks about starting as a fan, watching Memphis Wrestling, going to Mid-South Coliseum, working outlaw shows, forming the Missouri Bad Boys, MBB police angles, working for BT, greatest rib ever on BT and much more! This is a fun 34 minute action packed episode !

Monday, May 21, 2018

Hey guys !! It's Brian Tramel with Shootin' the Shiznit episodes !

I want to say thanks to Derick & Jimmy for letting me post on here ! I started my podcast back over a year ago and wanted to start posting the episodes here. I just started a series with Memphis area guys and I think this might be the starting point for this site !

 All the old posts from my site rasslinriotonline.com and all the archives episodes of the podcasts are at www.stspod.club.

Simon Reed joins Brian Tramel for episode 111. This is the first show in our “Memphis in May” series. Reed talks about starting as a fan, watching Memphis Wrestling, Sting, training with Don Bass, forming the Beale Street Posse, meeting Lil’Chris to form The Posse, BT tells a few Posse stories and much more! This is a fun 36 minute action packed episode !

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Wrestling Benefit for Kross Mann on Sunday, June 3rd at the EPW Arena in Boonville Ms.

Sunday,June 3, 2018 there will be a special event happening at the EPW arena in Booneville Ms at 2:00 PM. Wrestling benefit to help a familiar a name known to the area for medical reasons and services needed. This is for Kross Mann. A huge line up coming to help in this time of need...You heard it here first WNC!! "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher, Derrick King, Hollywood Jimmy, Bonecrusher, Grady Watson, Casanova Kidd, Neil Taylor, Dirty and many more. If you can help out with the benefit or donate items for the auction , please contact Hollywood Jimmy.


Friday, May 18, 2018

BREAKING NEWS!! Former pro wrestler severely beaten in apparent dispute over parking spot


MAR VISTA, Calif. — A former pro wrestler was beaten severely in front of his Mar Vista home Tuesday and neighbors said it all apparently began over a parking dispute. It's been reported as many as six young men beat Tom Magee, who will be 60 in July.
YouTube video shows Magee when he weighed 265 pounds and fought with what was then called WWF in the '80s.
A true Goliath in the ring, Magee later became a neighborhood watchdog.
"Tom came and encountered the young men, and it proceeded to a fight," says friend Kendall Noxxel.

Magee suffered a broken jaw, broken eye socket and concussion.
"It was sort of a conflict over who was allowed to park in this spot," Noxxel said.
A neighbor who was a witness but didn't want to show her face on camera described the horrendous scene.
"They were literally kicking him, punching him in the face and in the head," said the neighbor.
She said six men were involved in the attack. When neighbors came out to see what was going on, the men took off.
When they rushed over to Magee, they said he was incoherent.
"To me, it was attempted murder. If we wouldn't have come out here I don't know if he would be alive. To look at his face if you saw his face right now and saw what they were doing to him, he's really lucky to be alive," the neighbor said.
LAPD robbery detectives are investigating. Thursday afternoon, they said two men were taken into custody. They were identified as Justin Lee, 20, and Degrate Bryant, also 20.
Both have been booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.
The arrests provide a sense of relief for neighbors. Not only for their own safety but to let their watchdog know they have his back.
Magee has a long recovery ahead. But he is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

Credit CBS News 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

"It's Bell Time - Let's Talk Wrestling" Hosted by Oscar Barlow Will Be Joined By Special Guest "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher Live This Saturday Morning @ 11am

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow will be joined by special guest, "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher live this Saturday morning at 11am for a brand new edition of "It's Bell Time - Let's Talk Wrestling."


Former WWE Superstar Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) New Behind The Lights Show On IMPACT Wrestling's Twitch Channel

Pro wrestling legend Anthony Carelli and Destiny World Wrestling owner Iceman team with the IMPACT Wrestling Twitch channel for a show with that takes pro wrestling and MMA discussion to an interactive level! No holds are barred when Carelli and Iceman speak out on the wrestling and MMA news of the day, along with whatever else is on their mind.

“People can expect some behind-the-scenes stories from the wrestling business and what it takes to run a show, what it takes to run a school, and points of view from people in the business,” Iceman responded when asked what viewers can expect to see when they tune in every week.

Iceman and Carelli offer a unique, experienced look at the world of professional wrestling. “It’s exciting because we get to share amazing stories and insight, things (the audience) would never get on another broadcast or TV show,” Iceman explained. “You’re actually going to get one promoter’s perspective who actually books some of the biggest names in the world, and a person who’s been on the grandest stage of them all for 10 years, who won titles, and get their insight. So it’ll be quite the mix.”

They also watch, commentate and critique a match from the Destiny archives for the Destiny Match of the Week. Twitch chat is an important part of the show, fuelling and shaping the discussion, and making this truly one of the most fan-friendly wrestling podcasts on the planet! Tune in every Wednesday at 4pm ET RIGHT HERE!

We will continue to be expanding our offering of unique, interactive experiences on Twitch on top of our monthly Twitch exclusive events. Our next Twitch exclusive event will be live THIS SATURDAY in association with Wrestling Revolver! You can get more details HERE!

Credit: P.W. Starman courtesy of http://impactwrestling.com/behind-the-lights-with-anthony-carelli-and-iceman-debuts-wednesday-on-twitch/