Sunday, February 11, 2018

                                   UCPWS : Foul Play

   What an exciting day to be a wrestling fan. I look forward to these Sunday trips to UCPWS in Hollysprings, Mississippi with Mr. Kevin and The Midnight Rider. Such an awesome pool of young and upcoming talent in the Mid-South Indy Wrestling Circuit.  From the first match to the Main Event , the fans were on the edge of their seat s and hollering. 

Match 1:  Blake Christian vs Sam Adams 


Blake Christian ran Sam through the gauntlet . An onslaught of suplex variants , drop kicks, and leg attacks had Sam Adams on the verge of being pinned about 15 times. Somehow Sam gets out of a power slam and sunset flips Blake for the 1,2,3. I thought the ref counted really fast. Winner : Sam Armstrong

Match 2: The Shadow vs The Midnight Rooster

The Shadow control this match from the start. Midnight Rooster was able to come back , even suplexing the huge Shadow at one point. Rooster finishes Shadow with a tilt-a-whirl slam for the win. The lights go out and a Crazy Jack starts laughing. When they turn back on Crazy Jack attacks Midnight Rooster , then disappears again.

Match 3: Brandon White vs Jaxson Hawke

Match 4: Brandon White vs Jaxson Hawke

This was a battle of 2 big, strong , country boys. Brandon White whooped ass early but the young Jaxson mounted a big comeback. It went back and forth after that spilling onto the floor. The match ended in a double count out. The 2 combatants kept fighting afterwards though and hollering at each  other. The dressing room cleared out as everyone tried to break up  these two former tag team partners

Match 4:  Criss Gage vs “The Dirty White Boy” Dustin Anthony 

There was some controversy over who really was the number one contender set to face Champion Kevin Bless. Tommy Jax cleared that up quickly and announced that whoever wins this match would be the undisputed number one contender. It was a high flying affair from the jump. Criss Gage gave it his all and electrified the crowd with his arial assault . Dirty’s Experience helped him outlast and eventually pin the youngster. Keep an eye on these 2  . Winner : Dirty White Boy

Match 4: Andy Mack vs Prince Adonis (Staples)

Mack is a true champion and one of the hottest stars on the circuit. Adonis gave him as much hell as he could handle , showing the crowd he was worthy for the challenge. It was Adonis’s own cheating manager that tried to “Attack Mack” and hit his own guy that cost the Prince his match. Winner: Andy Mack.

Main Event:  Ken Dang and Shane Shoffner vs Hollyhood and Chris Ward
This is a continuation of a family-feud that started last week when Shane turned on his brother Chris and left Chris’s facial impression in a cooking pan (which he brought back out with him to the ring.) 
This was a brawl and nothing was left on the table. Dang and Shane gave it everything they could but the will to win and experience of Hollyhood and Chris Ward prevailed. ( thanks in large part to a European uppercut from Ward and s flying shoulder tackle from Hollyhood.) 

In conclusion I would like to say that UCPWS is always such a fun experience . I recommend it to wrestling fans of all ages and walks of life if you want to be entertained and see some new , cutting edge talent.  Thanks to Kevin Conlee for picking me and The Midnight Rider up .


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