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Results From Floyd Blaylock's Benefit Show-January 5th, 2018 Booneville, MS

On Friday, January 5th, the EPW Arena hosted a wonderful benefit for our dear friend, Floyd Blaylock, which raised a grand total of $2,034.25 to cover the first round of Floyd's stem cell treatment.  This was another heartwarming example of just how great the wrestling community is banding together to help our brother in need.  Special Thanks goes out to everyone involved in making the night such a success.  Good Calls to All!

Joey Gross and Tom Bigbee announced the event

Opening Match-"Outlaw" JD McKay defeated "Dangerous" David Cox after Referee Turtle pushed David down to the mat after a heated argument.  Speaking of "heat" before the match, JD McKay mentioned that he saw Gene Jackson's Cheap Heat Shoot Interview with David Cox a couple years ago and didn't appreciate what he said about him.

2nd Match-"The Future" Chris Styles with Big Mike defeated One Half of The Hale County Misfits, Jai Web when Chris spat on Jai's teddy bear and then tossed it at Referee Coach distracting Jai Web for enough time for Chris to rock Jai with a superkick for the win

Tom Bigbee said he's known Floyd Blaylock for forty years while he was going to law school.  Tom Bigbee spoke with Floyd briefly about his illness.  Floyd said he's diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease.

Referee Turtle began to auction off all the great cakes and gifts that people donated for the night.  "Hollywood" Jimmy and Bone Crusher began a not so friendly competition to see who could raise the most money.  The winner would get to throw the cake in the loser's face.  Ronnie Kiddy was taking donations on behalf of Bone Crusher while Joey Gross was taking those for "Hollywood" Jimmy. 

3rd Match-DC defeated "Tha Stunt" Curly Moe with a Superfly splash from the top-rope-Referee Turtle

4th Match-Johnny Morton and Richie Rage (Damion Rage's cousin) vs The Independent Heroes, Jett Hero & P.K. Ripper-Referee Coach-Before the match, Johnny Morton mentioned how Floyd helped him when he was breaking into the wrestling business by giving him a place to work and always shaking his hand, saying thanks.  Johnny Morton thanked his friend, Floyd.  The Independent Heroes were disqualified by Referee Coach after Johnny Morton hit P.K. Ripper with the kendo stick and then tossed it to Jett Hero, who caught it.  Johnny Morton then hit the mat in the ring.  When Referee Coach turned around he saw Johnny Morton knocked out in the ring and Hero holding the kendo stick so he called for the bell.  Very clever old school Eddie Guerrero tactics.

During intermission, a lot of people went to jail as folks could select anyone to be placed in jail for two dollars and then someone had to bail them out for a dollar.  It seemed like all the wrestlers were placed in there with some going in several times.  "Hollywood" Jimmy, Bone Crusher, Neil Taylor, Dirty, Turtle, Chris Styles, Tony Dabbs and even Tia were some that were placed in the slammer.
Floyd Blaylock was interviewed at ringside.  All the wrestlers were brought out.  Floyd thanked all the fans and wanted everyone to give all the wrestlers a nice round of applause.  Floyd appreciated everything that they've done for him. 

Some more familiar faces that were in the house supporting Floyd included Cameron Valentine, Jaxx Roxx, Rodney Grimes and Billy Russ.

Main Event-oWo vs EPW-oWo Team consisted of Neil "Real Deal" Taylor, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & Justin "Bumpy" Rhodes accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, Cadbury and oWo promoter, "Dirty" Terrell Moore.  EPW's Bone Crusher and Brody Hawk, accompanied by Brody Hawk's wife, Cynthia Hawk made their way to ringside announcing their partner, David Andrews, managed by EPW Commissioner, Nathan Lee.  Nathan Lee had some strong words for oWo saying, "You don't come into my house, slap my old lady and drink my beer!"  Bone Crusher asked Turtle, "Why do you think you should ref this match?  A couple months ago, you got in oWo's ring urging the crowd to vote oWo for promotion of the year.  Well, look at that banner.  EPW won Wrestling News Center Promotion of the Year.  No thanks to you.  You better not get in my way.  We'll be down one less referee." 

Once the match got underway, it seemed like everyone around ringside were making their presence felt by interfering in some form or fashion.  Brody slapped Tony hard on the back and David Andrews suffered the consequences as Tony lit him up with a vicious knife edge chop.  Tony would later squeal when David grabbed him by the family jewels.  In the end, things got out of control with all six men brawling outside the ring resulting in a double countout.  Bone Crusher would send Referee Turtle in the ring and blast him with a couple right hands and choke him.  oWo fled to the back as the fans chanted EPW!

Tom Bigbee announced that there was a total of thirteen dollars collected for "Hollywood" Jimmy.  Bone Crusher raised three hundred and thirty-two dollars.  So Bone Crusher was the winner.  "Hollywood" Jimmy said, "I'm a man of my word.  I'm a Christian athlete.  I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday.  In fact, I'm a preacher.  I teach Sunday school."  Nathan Lee and David Andrews assisted Jimmy by forcing him in the ring.  Bone Crusher brought up that "Hollywood" has been on Facebook all week threatening his wife, Michele, by saying that he was going to get her fired from her job.  Michele entered the ring.  Bone Crusher grabbed "Hollywood" Jimmy, but when Michele threw the cake, Jimmy moved out of the way and Michele hit, her husband, Bone Crusher in the face with cake.  Bone Crusher kissed Michele and announced that they've been married twenty-nine years.  Happy Anniversary!  Bone Crusher thanked everyone for supporting EPW and making them the 2017 Promotion of the Year.  Bone Crusher also thanked Brody Hawk for all his hard work.  Bone Crusher ended the show by announcing the total amount of money that was collected for Floyd, $2,034.25!  So happy Floyd got to be there for this great night.  We love you and hope you get to feeling better real soon.

Check out Tia's awesome highlight video from the night

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