Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling Report-January 13, 2018

Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed his special guest, the legendary Memphis Wrestling Referee who's been involved in so many memorable Memphis Wrestling moments, Jerry Calhoun.  Jerry Calhoun told the story about how Jerry Lawler got him started refereeing in the main event for his first match in Tupelo which featured Jerry Lawler, Jim White and Sam Bass vs Tojo Yamamoto and Jerry Jarrett.  Lawler said that he dug up some clips of some times that didn't work out so well for Jerry Calhoun.  Lawler asked Calhoun if he remembered "Exotic" Adrian Street.  They ran a video featuring Adrian Street, his valet Miss Linda, Jim Cornette and Jesse Barr.

Next they showed a handicap match featuring Jerry Calhoun wrestling alongside "Superstar" Bill Dundee against Adrian Street, Miss Linda and Jim Cornette.  Calhoun noted that he got the tights that he competed in from Lawler.

Lawler's longtime band member, Tom Nunnery was back in the studio again this week and every time they mentioned him, he started singing, "World's Greatest Wrestler."

Next, they showed this clip of the time "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol piledrived Jerry Calhoun

Then, they looked back at the time Jerry Calhoun punched Jimmy Hart and then was spiked with a piledriver by The Nightmares.  Jimmy Hart then viciously attacked Calhoun.

A classic steel cage match that Jerry Calhoun officiated featuring Jerry Lawler vs "The Macho Man" Randy Savage was shown.  Jos LeDuc also appeared, climbing inside the cage and helping Savage beat down both Lawler and Calhoun.

Lawler asked Calhoun what was the most famous, biggest match that he's ever refereed in Memphis.  Calhoun answered without hesitation, Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kaufman.  Calhoun said that match really put Memphis Wrestling on the map worldwide.

They showed a classic video of Andy Kaufman accepting Jerry Lawler's challenge and then wrestling a woman to show Lawler how tough he is.

And then the famous match between Lawler and Kaufman was featured.

They wrapped up the show by airing a impromptu world heavyweight championship match from Memphis Wrestling television between Jerry Lawler and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.  This match went the full ten minute time limit with Flair demanding five more minutes. 

The video below containing the extra five minutes wasn't shown, but Lawler won by count out after Flair left the ring, grabbed his title and stormed to the back.

Throughout the episode, they aired commercials from Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling Sponsors:
159 Beale St.
Memphis, Tennessee
465 N Germantown Pkwy
Cordova, TN 38018

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