Friday, December 15, 2017

Results From MLLW Memphis Lucha Libre Wrestling Featuring Rey Mysterio-Saturday, December 9th, 2017-La Parka is Coming 1-28-2018

Last Saturday night, the sold out El Mercadito in Memphis was the place to be as MLLW, Memphis Lucha Libre Wrestling held one of the biggest independent wrestling events to hit this area in a long time.  Such a neat venue and fun atmosphere.  For example, Rey Mysterio arrived around seven so the meet and greet began late.  While this was going on, the ring announcer had kids in the ring as little boys were arm wrestling and girls were dancing to that Justin Bieber song, "Despacito."

Opening Match- Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King vs Action Jackson-Referee was C-Lo-Before the action began, Derrick King told Action Jackson, "I'm going to kick your teeth down your throat and pin you one, two, three!  And then I'm going to send the rest of you down south!"  During the match, Derrick pushed C-Lo into the ropes which tangled up Action Jackson that was poised on the turnbuckle.  Derrick would follow this up by delivering a big superplex.  Later in the match, Action Jackson attempted a moonsault, but Derrick moved.  However, Action Jackson would land on his feet and was immediately met with a superkick courtesy of Derrick King.  Action would stop the count by grabbing the rope.  In the end, Action Jackson would get the victory with a blockbuster.  Your Winner, Action Jackson!

2nd Match-Steel Kage, Alan Steel & Bishop Kage defeated Vordell Walker & Chris Lexx with a devastating double slam in a hard-hitting showcase of four of the area's best and brightest stars-Referee C-Lo

3rd Match-2 out of 3 Falls-Sangre Guerrera Jr. & Rey Vampiro vs Blue Angel & Super Aguila-After Guerrera Jr. & Vampiro won the first fall, action spilled outside the ring.  Blue Angel & Super Aguila won the second fall with double moonsaults.  During the third fall, these four luchadores really started taking chances with lots of diving attacks outside the ring.  The much larger, Sangre Guerrera Jr. executed a Spanish fly from the top-rope.  In the end, Super Aguila caught Sangre Guerrera Jr. with a Mexican Destroyer for the three count.  Your Winners, Blue Angel & Super Aguila!

4th Match-"The INKcredible" Tatt2 successfully defended the MEW Supreme Championship against an unknown challenger-Referee C-Lo

5th Match-Mixed Tag 2 out of 3 Falls-Thunder Rosa, also known as Kobra Moon from Lucha Underground & Maximo defeated Vanilla Vargas & Mariachi Loco in a very entertaining match-This one featured everything from a tower of doom to everybody kissing each other and even some twerking.  And yes, this particular mixed tag meant the men could actually wrestle the women, but don't worry friends there weren't any accusations made following Saturday's event that I'm aware of.

Main Event-Triple Threat-Former WWE, WCW, ECW Superstar and currently signed with Lucha Underground, The Legendary, Rey Mysterio defeated two other Lucha Underground favorites, Drago and Pentagón Jr. ("Cero Miedo", "Zero Fear") in an absolute Lucha Libre treat for everyone in attendance.  The building rocked with "This is awesome" chants.  Rey won the match by executing a double 619 on both Drago and Pentagón, followed by a frog splash landing on both for the pin.  After the match, Pentagón thanked Memphis for coming and shook both Rey and Drago's hand.  Then, all the kids joined them in the ring to close out the show.

Fun night of Lucha Libre with friends.  Good Calls to All!!!

It has been announced that La Parka is coming 1-28-2018

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