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oWo December 1st, 2017 Results Featuring Carlito From Dorsey, MS-oWo Returns to Dorsey, MS on Friday, January 12th, 2018

Ring announcer, Al Hall, introduced "The Future" Chris Styles, who was accompanied to the ring by Cameron "The Sledge Hammer" Valentine and Big Mike.  Chris told "Hollywood" Jimmy that he went through Neil Taylor, so bring on his next challenger.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock walked out to a symphony of "Doughboy" chants, which quickly changed to "Chicken" chants with help from Chris.  An upset "Hollywood" Jimmy introduced Chris Styles' mystery opponent for the night, the colossal Hunter Havoc!

Opening Match-"The Future" Chris Styles defeated Hunter Havoc when "Hollywood" Jimmy attempted to throw powder in Chris' face, but Chris moved and Jimmy connected with Hunter instead.  Afterwards, Chris connected with multiple superkicks to send the big man, Hunter Havoc crashing to the mat.  The referee for the night, Turtle made the three count.

Following the match, Chris Styles warned Barry Wolf that his days are numbered because at the next show on January 12th, he's taking that oWo Championship.

2nd Match-"Tha Stunt" Curly Moe defeated "Mr. 4.4" Izzy Rotten with his own personal butler, Cadbury in his corner by hitting Izzy with a stunner

After the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy approached the ring followed by "The King of All Wrestling Media" Gene Jackson, who jumped Curly from behind.  From there Gene, Izzy Rotten and "Hollywood" Jimmy all ganged up and were attacking Curly Moe until former WWE Superstar, Carlito ran to the ring to save the day!

Following a slight technical issue with the microphone, Gene Jackson told Carlito that was "Not Cool" and poked fun about how it was 2017, yet they've still got to use a microphone with a cord.  "Hollywood" Jimmy insisted that Carlito apologize.  Carlito said, "I'm sorry, you guys don't know what a treadmill is.  I'm sorry that you guys don't know what a diet is called.  And I'm sorry for what's going to happen to you.  I don't like to see three guys gang up on one guy.  So how about you two versus us two, tonight?"  Gene accepted the challenge on behalf of his team, "The Hardbodies" saying that they roll hard in the gym.  Gene suggested that Curly give the mic back to Carlito, who he called Huey, saying that he liked him better on The Boondocks.  Gene also said that he's going to slap that stupid looking wig off Carlito's head because he knows that's a work and that's not his hair.  Gene was hilarious!  Check out all the fun included in Tia's video below:

3rd Match-"Bullwhip" Ballard defeated One half of The Hale County Misfits, Jai Web with a schoolboy rollup after dodging out of the way from Jai's running attack in the corner.  During the match, Jai delivered a sick superkick. 

After the bell, Christian Stone rushed down to the ring, viciously attacking "Bullwhip" Ballard until Big Daddy Neno made his return to oWo by making quick work of Christian Stone.

During intermission, Referee Turtle did a little campaigning for this year's Wrestling News Center Awards.  He reminded the fans that he's up for Referee of 2017.  Ms. Donna Ratliff is nominated for Fan of 2017.  The Hale County Misfits are nominated for Tag Team of 2017 and oWo is nominated for Promotion of 2017.  Everyone please be sure and vote for all your favorites because voting ends on Tuesday, December 26th!

4th Match-Carlito & Curly Moe vs "The Hardbodies" Gene Jackson & Izzy Rotten managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock & Cadbury-Before the match began, Carlito walked to the back to grab an apple.  Carlito had no luck slamming "The Hardbodies" at first, but would later successfully toss Izzy.  Finish saw Carlito spitting the apple in Izzy's face and Curly nailing him with a stunner for the three count.  Your Winners, Curly Moe and Carlito!!!  Gene Jackson would also fall victim to Carlito's apple.  Curly even rolled "Hollywood" Jimmy into the ring, who tried to squash their beef with a handshake, but was denied by Carlito who spit apple in "Hollywood" Jimmy's face as well.

Cameras would catch, "The Hardbodies" leaving the Reeves Auction Building later that night,
carrying a wig.  They were bragging about their accomplishment, adding "We told you so!"  Did they fulfill their promise and actually knock Carlito's wig off his head?

Main Event-oWo Tag-Team Championship-Champions Parental Advisory, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & "Xtreme" Brett Michaels battled The Pink & Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Casanova Kidd-Brett took Kidd for an airplane spin that included some turbulence in the form of a wicked cradle shock driver.  Referee Turtle was knocked down during the match.  Casanova Kidd delivered a superkick and went for the pin.   oWo promoter, "Dirty" Terrell Moore jumped in the ring to make the count, but was very slow and stopped.  Casanova Kidd was livid and as he confronted Dirty, Kidd was rolled up by Brett and Dirty made the quick three count.  Your Winners and STILL oWo Tag-Team Champions, Tony Dabbs & Brett Michaels, Parental Advisory!!! 

At this point, all hell broke loose as Dirty flipped off Kidd.  From there, Parental Advisory and Dirty brutally attacked Bone Crusher and Casanova Kidd.  They even beat up the official Turtle as Brett held him while Tony rocked him with a superkick.  Dirty grabbed the mic and told the Dorsey crowd to "Shut your damn mouth!  They're sick of it!"  Big Daddy Neno would make his way to the ring, but would also join in on the violent Pink and Black Attack.  As Tony Dabbs, Brett Michaels, Big Daddy Neno and Dirty all stood over the beaten bodies of Bone Crusher and Casanova Kidd, Dirty announced, "Together we are EPIC!"  Neno added an exclamation point to that bold statement with a crushing chokeslam on Kidd.  Brett Michaels added, "We're tired of kissing babies and hugging fat women!"  Business has picked up in oWo with this EPIC Alliance.

oWo returns on Friday, January 12th at 3107 w hwy 178 Fulton (reeves auction building in Dorsey, MS) Barry Wolf w/ Hollywood Jimmy defends the oWo Champion against Chris Styles. Also, Dirty explain the new alliance between Parental Advisory and Big Daddy Neno and will the Pink and Black get revenge on them. Also the card: Neil Taylor, Hunter, Izzy Rotten, Bullwhip Ballard, J Web and more. Doors open at 6:15 Belltime 7:30 P.M. Admission $10 and $7 kids 10 and under, kids ages 4 and under free

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