Sunday, December 31, 2017

WrestlingNewsCenter Fan of 2017 Fan of 2017 goes to Brandon Harber!  Brandon won with 41.84% of the votes.

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Runner up:
Donna Ratliff with 25.35% of the votes.

Image may contain: 2 people Promotion of 2017 is...

EPW, Booneville,MS, won WNC Promotion of 2017
 by 35.25% of the votes.

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Runner up:

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CCW- Cape Girardeau,MO with 26.25% of the votes.

WrestlingNewsCenter Tag Team of 2017... would like to congratulate Final Hour on being voted Tag Team of 2017.

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Final Hour won with 49.85% of the votes.

Runner up:

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Hale County Misfits with 20.67% of the votes.

Dinner With The King Live Show This Tuesday, January 2nd @ Jerry Lawler's BBQ in Cordova, TN from 3PM-5PM

Tuesday, January 2nd at 3 PM - 5 PM

Jerry Lawler's BBQ
465 N. Germantown Parkway, Suite. 116
Cordova, Tennessee

Join DWK hosts Jerry "The King" Lawler and Glenn Moore for a live taping of the podcast! Enjoy some BBQ and interact with The King and Glenn. Plus, you never know who The King might bring as a guest!

UCPWS New Years Havoc 2 Sunday, January 7th Holly Springs, MS-4PM


Saturday, December 30, 2017

WrestlingNewsCenter Referee of 2017 is..... Referee of 2017 is C-Lo!
 C-Lo won with 42.81% of the votes.

Runner up: 

Turtle with 27.69% of the votes.

WrestlingNewsCenter Event of 2017 is.....'s Event of 2017 goes to the Benefit for Brickhouse Brown at RSWF on June 16th!

This event won with 32.13% of the votes.

Runner up:
Championship Wrestling featuring Billy Gunn & Scott Schwartz with 30.55% of the votes.

Thursday, December 28, 2017 Announcer of 2017 is...

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Terrence Ward won WNC's Announcer of 2017
 with 34.12% of the votes.

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Runner up:

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Jimmy Starr with 24.84% of the votes.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

WrestlingNewsCenter 2017 Manager/Valet is....

Congratulations to Maria Starr
 on being WrestlingNewsCenter's Valet of 2017.

 She has conquered this award in the past. She led the way with 47.6% of the votes.

Runner up:

Lucky P with 27.02% of the votes.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

WrestlingNewsCenter Wrestler of 2017 Winner is...

Congratulations to Dustin Starr on being
 WrestlingNewsCenter's Wrestler of 2017.

Dustin has taken this award home in previous years. 
Dustin won with 56.93% of the votes.

Runner up: 

Action Jackson with 17.12% of the votes

"Let's Talk Wrestling" hosted by Oscar Barlow this weeks guest will be " Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock talking about the BIG EVENT coming to Booneville, Ms.

This Saturday LIVE on "Let's Talk Wrestling" hosted by Oscar Barlow will be :Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock talking about the OWO / XOW  Wrestling event coming to Booneville, Ms. on Friday, January 5th.2018     Tickets are only $5.00 for this wrestling event.

here's the link to the radio show!.html

Friday, December 22, 2017

Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling Report-December 16, 2017

Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed everyone to the second edition of Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling.  Lawler announced that this week would feature the Gilbert Family, detailing his intense rivalry with "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert.  Lawler noted that he first won the Southern Heavyweight Championship by defeating the patriarch of the Gilbert Family, Tommy Gilbert.  Lawler would be joined in studio by his special guest, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, who would provide commentary along with "The King" on some of Memphis Wrestling's classic moments.  First, Lawler introduced everyone to "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert by showing this "Dirty Deeds" music video:

Doug Gilbert mentioned how on the last episode, Lawler made Bill Dundee look like a fool by showing Lawler beating him in all of the highlights.  So Doug Gilbert insisted on bringing his own footage to show.  A reluctant Jerry Lawler at first did eventually give the staff his approval to air Doug's video which featured this classic "This is your life" segment:

Lawler's longtime band member, Tom Nunnery was back in the studio again this week and every time they mentioned him, he started singing, "World's Greatest Wrestler."

Following the video, tension in the studio was already building between Lawler and Gilbert with Gilbert threatening to leave.  Lawler then asked Gilbert to leave, but since Lawler now wanted Gilbert to go he insisted on staying.  Lawler talked about how Eddie Gilbert would copy him by having a crown and throwing fire.  They showed a video of Jerry Lawler wrestling Tommy Rich with Eddie Gilbert interfering and striking Lawler in the face with a massive fireball.  They discussed how Eddie wanted to become a fire throwing machine and that's where the "Hot Stuff" moniker originated.  They showed a video of the Gilberts attacking Jerry Jarrett and Eddie throwing a fireball in Jerry Jarrett's face while Tommy Gilbert held him.

Next was a video of Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt confronting a young matchmaker named Randy Hales which led to Doug Gilbert and Tommy Gilbert both getting involved.  This resulted in Eddie Gilbert blasting Randy Hales in the face with a fireball.

Lawler mentioned that Randy Hales survived and is now the manager at Lawler's Hall of Fame Bar & Grille on Beale Street.  Doug said he went to eat there and the food was good.  Doug continued by asking Randy, "Who's your cooks back there?"  Randy said he's got two chefs,  "We've got a short order chef, that's Bill Dundee and another real chef."  Next was a clip when Eddie Gilbert threatened to light up Lance Russell, but was stopped by the surprise appearance from Jerry Lawler, who fought with Eddie Gilbert all over the studio and out in the parking lot.  Gilbert even slammed Lawler on the windshield of a car. 

The classic one-on-one match between Jerry Lawler and Eddie Gilbert was then featured.  Lawler would get his ultimate revenge in this feud by spiking Gilbert with his signature piledriver.  When Eddie Gilbert's valet, Missy Hyatt attempted to give Eddie her high heel shoe to use, Jerry Lawler's friend, Jerry Bryant took it from her.  Jerry Lawler lit up Eddie Gilbert with an epic fireball which led to a count out victory when Eddie had to be helped to the back by Missy Hyatt and Doug Gilbert.

The last clip shown was the most famous one from September 1, 1990 when Eddie Gilbert ran over Jerry Lawler outside the WMC studios.  After a heated exchange with Eddie Marlin, both Eddie and Doug Gilbert were fired and kicked out of the studio.  Once outside, Gilbert and Marlin pushed each other with Eddie Gilbert shoving Marlin to the pavement, followed by a kick.  Jerry Lawler ran to Eddie Marlin's aide as Eddie Gilbert retreated to his car where Doug had pulled up.  Eddie Gilbert then ran over Jerry Lawler in the parking lot.

Following the clip, Jerry Lawler discussed how he dislocated his hip when he crashed into the windshield.  Lawler told Gilbert that his hip still aches every time the weather changes thanks to him and his idiot brother.  Doug said that glass flew into his face when Lawler went through the windshield.  Doug claimed that they didn't try to run over Jerry, he moved over in the way.  Doug was upset with Jerry saying it was all their fault.  Doug Gilbert stood up to confront Jerry Lawler by saying, "I'm trying to figure out what you could be thinking when you think what you do is right, and what everybody else does is wrong.  When it's the same thing!"  Jerry Lawler told Doug that he was sorry that he even invited him to be on the show.  Lawler advised Doug that he thought it would be good if he left now because if he doesn't leave, he'll do just like what Eddie Marlin did back in the day to him and his brother and put him out of the studio.  Doug pushed Jerry and Jerry pushed back telling Doug to get out.  Jerry and Doug had to be separated by Tom Nunnery and a studio producer.  After a Tom Nunnery performance, Jerry Lawler apologized for what happened between him and Doug Gilbert and thanked everyone for watching. 

Throughout the episode, they aired commercials from Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling Sponsors:
159 Beale St.
Memphis, Tennessee
465 N Germantown Pkwy
Cordova, TN 38018

Vince McMahon sells $100M worth of WWE shares to help fund sports-focused company

The original XFL, a joint venture between Vince McMahon's WWE and NBC, debuted in 2001 and lasted only one season. Ed Bailey/AP Photo

Vince McMahon's plan to perhaps try his hand again at a professional football league came more into focus Thursday.

McMahon is chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, which filed details with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission about McMahon's sale of 3.34 million shares of WWE, equaling about $100 million.

He did so, the filing noted, "primarily to fund a separate entity from the Company, Alpha Entertainment LLC, which Mr. McMahon established to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including professional football."

The filing comes after WWE confirmed earlier in the week that Alpha Entertainment, which was founded in September, was in fact an entity of McMahon's.

Alpha filed for five trademarks related to the XFL on Dec. 16, according to records with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office.

The filings seek to trademark the XFL as a professional football league and also cover merchandise related to the league. Previous XFL trademarks were abandoned over a period of time from 2002 to '05.

The company also sought to trademark "URFL."

Last year, the WWE filed to trademark "He Hate Me," the most famous nickname from the XFL. This week, the trademark was published by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for opposition, which means that anyone who objects has to do so in 30 days. The most obvious potential objector would be Rod Smart, who came up with the nickname and wore it on the back of his jersey. Smart had "He Hate Me" trademarked until he abandoned in 2011.

The original XFL, a joint venture between WWE and NBC, debuted in 2001 and lasted only one season.

WWE and NBC lost approximately $35 million each, after taxes, on the league.

Credit: Darren Rovell @

Saturday December 23rd MACW Presents Christmas Chaos!

SATURDAY DECEMBER 23rd Jonesboro, Arkansas!

Dirty Santa” Battle Royal where the winner gets to choose between 4 gifts. And can only choose one. Inside the gifts are contracts or WALKING PAPERS! 
One give us a contact to wrestle for the MACW Heavyweight Championship 
One gift is to wrestle for the Diamond State Championship 
One give is to wrestle with anyone you choose for the Tag Team Titles

Also the MACW Heavyweight Title will be on the Line when Maxx Stone faces off against Champion Norman Meklakov!

The Diamond State Strap will be on the line as Johnny Premeir looks to defend against Matthew McNamara!

The Tag Titles will be on the line in a fatal 4 way as the OMG’s take on Lethal Injection, Beer:30, and the LA Hustlers!

Also in Action the Dirty lil Gang, Ariya Alexander, Austin Lane, D’mone, Craig Stone, and So Many More! 

All Tickets are just $8!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Wrestling Benefit for Floyd Blaylock aka Chuck Miller on Friday, January 5th in Booneville , Mississippi


OWO / EPW  will having a benefit for Floyd Blaylock on Friday, January 5th bell time will be 8:00. This will be at the EPW Arena in Booneville, Ms.    

Former Wrestler/ Promoter Floyd Blaylock better known as Chuck Miller who wrestled in WCW and 1/2 of the tag team The Gravediggers needs your help.  He's been diagnosed with an auto immune disease that is attacking his muscles. He can no longer use his arms and now his hands are becoming useless.  He's has found a specialist in Kentucky that has high hopes of helping him out with stem cells that is not covered with medicaid or medicare. Without the procedure it will only get worse. Make sure you be there for a night of Wrestling Action and Bake Sale. If you would like to donate please contact Bonecrusher or Terrell Moore.    

Former WCW & WWF Star “The Z-Man” Tom Zenk Passes Away

The Star Tribune is reporting the death of former AWA, WWF, and WCW Star Tom Zenk also known as The Z-Man.  Zenk passed away in Robbinsdale, MN on December  9th. He was 59.  The circumstances of Zenk's death are unknown.

Zenk joined the WWE (WWF) in 1986 and formed the Can-Am Connection with Rick Martel. Zenk & Martel competed in the opening match of Wrestlemania III defeating Don Muraco & “Cowboy” Bob Orton. The Can-Am Connection was groomed to be the successors to the then champions The Hart Foundation, but that ended when Zenk abruptly left the company.

Zenk bounced around Japan for a couple years after leaving the WWF/WWE before reappearing in the AWA in 1989. He competed in a Battle Royal for the vacant AWA World Heavyweight Title but was the final man eliminated seeing Larry Zbyszko win the belt instead of him. He worked a program with Zbyszko where he had several matches for the AWA title before leaving the company once again.

Later that same year (1989), Zenk debuted for World Championship Wrestling as “The Z-Man” at Clash of the Champions VIII. He soon formed a tag team with the late Brian Pillman where they won the NWA United States Tag Team Championships. During his time with WCW he also captured the WCW Television Title defeating WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson. Notably Zenk held the title at the time WCW parted ways with the NWA, making him the last NWA TV Champion and the first WCW TV Champion. Zenk also was a one time co-holder of the WCW Six-man Tag Team Championship along with Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) and Big Josh (Matt Bourne/Doink the Clown). He was eventually released from WCW in 1994.

Following his release from WCW, Zenk went back to Japan competing with All-Japan Pro Wrestling, and eventually retiring from the sport in October of 1996.

His obituary that was published by the Star Tribune can be read below:

Zenk, Thomas Erwin age 59, of Golden Valley, MN, passed away on Dec. 9, 2017 at the North Memorial Medical Center. Survived by parents, Robert J. and Lois Zenk; siblings, Robert Jr. (Beth), Kathryn Zenk James (Raymond) and James L. (Jo); 8 nieces and nephews, A celebration of Tom’s life will be held on Saturday 1/13/18 at 11:00 AM at St. Olaf Catholic Church, 215 S. 8th St., Mpls. Visitation one hour prior to Mass at church. Private family burial will take place at St. Nicholas Cemetery, in Carver, MN Robbinsdale Chapel 763-537-2333

Wrestling News Center would like to send our condolences to Tom Zenk's family and friends.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Results From MLLW Memphis Lucha Libre Wrestling Featuring Rey Mysterio-Saturday, December 9th, 2017-La Parka is Coming 1-28-2018

Last Saturday night, the sold out El Mercadito in Memphis was the place to be as MLLW, Memphis Lucha Libre Wrestling held one of the biggest independent wrestling events to hit this area in a long time.  Such a neat venue and fun atmosphere.  For example, Rey Mysterio arrived around seven so the meet and greet began late.  While this was going on, the ring announcer had kids in the ring as little boys were arm wrestling and girls were dancing to that Justin Bieber song, "Despacito."

Opening Match- Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King vs Action Jackson-Referee was C-Lo-Before the action began, Derrick King told Action Jackson, "I'm going to kick your teeth down your throat and pin you one, two, three!  And then I'm going to send the rest of you down south!"  During the match, Derrick pushed C-Lo into the ropes which tangled up Action Jackson that was poised on the turnbuckle.  Derrick would follow this up by delivering a big superplex.  Later in the match, Action Jackson attempted a moonsault, but Derrick moved.  However, Action Jackson would land on his feet and was immediately met with a superkick courtesy of Derrick King.  Action would stop the count by grabbing the rope.  In the end, Action Jackson would get the victory with a blockbuster.  Your Winner, Action Jackson!

2nd Match-Steel Kage, Alan Steel & Bishop Kage defeated Vordell Walker & Chris Lexx with a devastating double slam in a hard-hitting showcase of four of the area's best and brightest stars-Referee C-Lo

3rd Match-2 out of 3 Falls-Sangre Guerrera Jr. & Rey Vampiro vs Blue Angel & Super Aguila-After Guerrera Jr. & Vampiro won the first fall, action spilled outside the ring.  Blue Angel & Super Aguila won the second fall with double moonsaults.  During the third fall, these four luchadores really started taking chances with lots of diving attacks outside the ring.  The much larger, Sangre Guerrera Jr. executed a Spanish fly from the top-rope.  In the end, Super Aguila caught Sangre Guerrera Jr. with a Mexican Destroyer for the three count.  Your Winners, Blue Angel & Super Aguila!

4th Match-"The INKcredible" Tatt2 successfully defended the MEW Supreme Championship against an unknown challenger-Referee C-Lo

5th Match-Mixed Tag 2 out of 3 Falls-Thunder Rosa, also known as Kobra Moon from Lucha Underground & Maximo defeated Vanilla Vargas & Mariachi Loco in a very entertaining match-This one featured everything from a tower of doom to everybody kissing each other and even some twerking.  And yes, this particular mixed tag meant the men could actually wrestle the women, but don't worry friends there weren't any accusations made following Saturday's event that I'm aware of.

Main Event-Triple Threat-Former WWE, WCW, ECW Superstar and currently signed with Lucha Underground, The Legendary, Rey Mysterio defeated two other Lucha Underground favorites, Drago and Pentagón Jr. ("Cero Miedo", "Zero Fear") in an absolute Lucha Libre treat for everyone in attendance.  The building rocked with "This is awesome" chants.  Rey won the match by executing a double 619 on both Drago and Pentagón, followed by a frog splash landing on both for the pin.  After the match, Pentagón thanked Memphis for coming and shook both Rey and Drago's hand.  Then, all the kids joined them in the ring to close out the show.

Fun night of Lucha Libre with friends.  Good Calls to All!!!

It has been announced that La Parka is coming 1-28-2018