Monday, November 6, 2017

(UPDATE) Wrestling News Center Friend and Mid-South Announcer Suffers Stroke

Pictured Left to Right: Shane Russell and Oscar Barlow

Wrestling News Center has been provided an update on the condition of Oscar Barlow.

"Update on Oscar: Oscar did have a mini-stroke. MRI did not show any abnormalities, the ultrasound on arteries to brain showed no major blockages, and the heart is pumping good. He does not remember much of anything from Tuesday through Thursday and still fuzzy about Friday and Saturday. Yesterday was a good day compared to the others. When the doctor did the pen test with eyes he still did not do well. He would start following and then just stop. The residual effects from he mini-stroke will just take time to overcome. His blood pressure is still running higher than it should so his blood pressure meds have been increased. We are to follow up with the doctor the Monday after Thanksgiving to see how his BP is doing at that time. He has been released to go back to work, but he cannot drive. He is not to drive until we go back for follow-up visit. Our family appreciates the prayers from all. Please continue to pray for Oscar's healing and that his BP issues can be resolved."

We are certainly glad to hear of his improvement and continue to pray for his speedy recovery.


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