Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mid-South Wrestling Announcer and WNC Friend Suffers Stroke

Pictured Left to Right: Shane Russell and Oscar Barlow

According to Heather Barlow, Oscar suffered what doctors to believe is a stroke. WNC received a message from Heather advising of his current medical status. 

"This is Heather...Well Oscar had echocardiogram done this morning. We never heard back from hospital about when scan was suppose to be done so a nurse was checking on it for us. The doctor came by and talked with us and asked if we had the scan taken care of and we said no we never heard from them and that's what she is checking in to for us. He flipped open his chart and said heart was enlarged but minimally and heart was pumping good. I told him of some instances yesterday that happened with Oscar's memory and he said he wanted to do ultrasound on arteries going to the brain. Then he said forget the scan he was going to send us to Oxford to get a MRI of brain with and without contrast. He said he was pretty positive he had a neurological event: mini stroke/stroke but didn't know how big or small and wanted to make sure there wasn't a brain aneurysm. His thinking has been a little off. So now we go tomorrow at 10 for MRI. We know something has happened now to see why and how bad. That's what I know now. Please stay in prayer."

We are told that his is memory is spotty and he is having difficulty with short term memory. We are asking all of our readers to keep Oscar in their prayers, as we send ours to his family for a speedy recovery.

Oscar is the Mayor of Crenshaw, MS and a lifelong wrestling fan. Oscar has been a part of the Mississippi Wrestling scene for decades as an announcer and behind the scenes partner.


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