Monday, November 13, 2017

Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling Debut Report-November 11, 2017

Saturday night's debut episode featured Jerry "The King" Lawler and special guest, Bill "Superstar" Dundee providing commentary on some of Memphis Wrestling's greatest battles.  Dundee wasn't thrilled that the set featured Lawler's AWA World Heavyweight Championship, Lawler's crown, Lawler's BBQ cups and even a Lawler statue.  Dundee told Lawler that he's showing off all of his things and all I've got is a lousy cup of coffee.  Lawler's longtime band member, Tom Nunnery was also in the studio and every time they mentioned him, he started singing, "World's Greatest Wrestler" which was pretty funny.

This week's episode featured three classic matches.  The first bout was the famous, original Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl with Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee taking on The Blond Bombers Wayne Farris, who went on to become The Honky Tonk Man in the WWF and Larry Latham, who became Moondog Spot.  The late, great "Voice of Memphis Wrestling" Lance Russell called the original action with Lawler and Dundee noting how Lance was quick to get the cameras back rolling to capture the memorable fight.

The second match was Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee in a Loser Leaves Town Match.  They showed the entire match, but I found this cool montage to share.

The final match was another Lawler vs Dundee showdown with the special stipulation if Lawler lost, he had to leave town and if Dundee lost, he and his ex-wife, Beverly would both lose their hair.  Lawler pointed out how The Blade Runners were sitting beside Beverly at ringside to protect her.  They would go on to become Sting and The Ultimate Warrior.

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