Friday, October 13, 2017

Details on Jimmy Jacobs Leaving WWE Due To Bullet Club Photo, Prior Incidents, Jacobs Confirms Release? Matt Jackson Cuts Promo On WWE Cease And Desist & Jacobs Release

As we noted Wednesday, following the Bullet Club’s ‘invasion’ of WWE Raw back on September 25th, WWE writer and former ROH star Jimmy Jacobs is no longer with WWE.

Jacobs leaving the company appears to be a result of him posting a photo on Instagram featuring himself and Bullet Club during the invasion, a move which reportedly garnered Jacobs tremendous heat from WWE management.

On the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, host Dave Meltzer noted that the incident was actually addressed by WWE back when it first happened.

“The news just got out, but it actually happened sometime ago, because I spoke with some people in the company who heard about this at least a week ago. There is more to this, but I don’t know what the more is past the point that is has to do with Vince McMahon,” said Meltzer.

Meltzer added that there are people in WWE who believe the Bullet Club incident is not the only thing that lead to Jacobs’ release, and that there were numerous other factors and incidents at play, but the Bullet Club photo ended up sealing the deal on Jacobs’ WWE future.

Jacobs seemed to reference the release on Twitter, and it appears it did actually happen awhile back, as he plugged a new t-shirt that is already available:

Pro Wrestling Sheet has released the video below, featuring The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega cutting a promo in front of a Ring of Honor live crowd, and addressing the events which have taken place in the past few weeks.

During the promo, The Bucks address WWE issuing a cease and desist letter demanding that the team stop using the “too sweet” hand gesture made popular by the nWo.

“You think that because you own a billion dollar company that you can take some silly hand gesture away from me?,” said Matt Jackson. “You’re not taking it away from me. You’re taking it from every one of [the fans].”

On Jimmy Jacobs being released by WWE due to a selfie taken of him and Bullet Club during the September 25th Raw “invasion”, Matt Jackson said, “I love this company so much, I have the benefit and the freedom to take a selfie with whoever I damn well please.”

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