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The Isle of Capri in Lula was on fire Saturday night with another SOLD OUT, sizzling night of Championship Wrestling action!  In my opinion, this was their best show yet.  From beginning to end, the thrill ride of matches featured a little something for everybody.  Earl The Dinosaur was even there at the beginning of the night, which all the kids enjoyed.  Ring announcers, "T-Bone" Terrence Ward and "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow introduced Al Hall as the new commissioner of Championship Wrestling.  Al Hall said he is going to have fun and will be looking at talent throughout the night in order to bring in the best talent and deliver the absolute best show for the fans.  Championship Wrestling also featured a true triple threat of referees with Joey Lynn, C'Lo Banks and Turtle maintaining order inside the squared circle.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and Mitch Toretta came to the ring.  "Hollywood" Jimmy announced that Mitch's tag team partner was from Russia.  The Soviet Saint is introduced.

Opening Match-Final Hour, Scott Ronin & Justin Cole defeated The Soviet Saint & Mitch Toretta with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee Joey Lynn-Finish saw Ronin and Cole hitting Toretta with double Claymore single leg dropkicks.  "Hollywood" Jimmy had to separate The Soviet Saint and Mitch Toretta following the loss.

Cassonova Kidd danced his way inside the ring, accompanied by Sir Burchell to take on his opponent billed as "Straight From The Short Bus" Special Ed.  Before the match started, Sir Burchell enticed Kidd to "beat that guy to a pulp" by revealing a massive roll of big face hundred dollar bills.  Sir Burchell said he's got ten thousand dollars that you can go have a good time tonight. 

2nd Match-Special Ed defeated Casanova Kidd accompanied by Sir Burchell with a devastating death valley driver-Referee Turtle-After the bell, Kidd and Sir Burchell attempted a sneak attack, but as Special Ed was counting the money he stepped forward causing Kidd and Sir Burchell to crash into each other.  Special Ed put the ten thousand in his backpack.

Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King accompanied by Matthew McNamara made his way to the ring for the next contest.  Derrick King's opponent was none other than Memphis Wrestling Icon, Bill "Superstar" Dundee.  Derrick stated that he was retired and was the star of WGN's nationally televised reality show, Wrestling With Death.  Dundee said he was on a television show alright "that was about dead people."  Derrick bragged about being a five time Wrestler of the Year.  Dundee said those were for Mickey Mouse promotions.  The popular "Whoop that trick" chant began.

3rd Match-Bill "Superstar" Dundee defeated Derrick King with Matthew McNamara-This one featured Derrick using a sandal he took from a fan, Breezy's rubber chicken and Referee C'Lo tossing Matthew McNamara out and sending him to the back.  McNamara didn't stay gone for long as he ran back while C'Lo was knocked out after colliding with Bill Dundee.  Dundee managed to avoid McNamara's attack, knock him off the apron and pin Derrick for the win.  As Derrick and Matthew were leaving, Dundee sucker punched Derrick on the stage.

4th Match-Former WWE Superstar "The Redd Dogg" Rodney Mack took on Action Jackson.  Rodney Mack made his way to the ring, carrying and wearing lots and lots of title belts.  Champ is here!  Terrence Ward informed the audience that Rodney Mack had trained Action Jackson and you could tell because these two went back and forth in this highly competitive bout-Referee Joey Lynn-Action Jackson amazed the crowd as he executed a corkscrew blockbuster from the top rope.  However, in the end, the teacher taught his pupil another lesson by moving out of the way of an oncoming superman punch, rolling up Action Jackson with a schoolboy and a handful of tights.  Your winner, Rodney Mack!

Oscar Barlow introduced Scott Schwartz, best known as Flick from A Christmas Story, who got his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole.  Scott also co-starred alongside Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason in The Toy.  Oscar mentioned how there were some issues with Scott's recent appearance on It's Bell Time, Let's Talk Wrestling Wrestling Talk Radio with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock.  Be sure and check out all of the great interviews and be on the look out for new guests each week at!.html

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and Stan Sierra interrupted Oscar and Scott's interview.  "Hollywood" Jimmy boasted about being the real Hollywood star and appearing on seventy-five nationally televised shows.  Jimmy added how the people of Mississippi just love him.  Scott Schwartz said, "People love you as much as I love hemorrhoids!"  Jimmy heckled Scott about his height saying that he wouldn't be able to ride any rides at the fair.  Jimmy told Scott that he looks like Bill Dundee's son.  Scott fired back telling Jimmy, "Last time I checked, they have a weight limit, Tiny."  Jimmy insisted that he just weighed himself and is currently one hundred and ninety-five pounds.  Jimmy threatened Scott to "Take your little bitty feet, your little bitty hands and ugly hairdo and get out of my ring."  Scott Schwartz smeared a Twinkie in "Hollywood" Jimmy's face and ran out of the ring.  Commissioner Al Hall announced that the following match would be the first ever Loser receives five lashes from a random member of the audience.

5th Match-Loser Receives Five Lashes From A Fan-Stan Sierra, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs Weightlifting Champion "Legendary" Larry D-Referee Turtle-Big Larry D is very agile and can really move for a big man.  This match featured a colossal superplex.  Later in the match had Larry D diving off the top-rope with a crushing splash, but "Hollywood" Jimmy dragged Referee Turtle outside the ring in order to break the count.  "Hollywood" Jimmy tossed Stan Sierra a chain, but before he could use it, Larry D steamrolled him with a spear for the three count.  Your winner, Larry D! 

Al Hall selected a Five Starr fan to give Stan Sierra five lashes.  Stan received three lashes before "Hollywood" Jimmy insisted that he would show everyone how to "Take it like a man".  When the fan struck Jimmy's back, he quickly fell face first to the mat.  Afterwards, Stan took the remaining lash.  A disgruntled "Hollywood" Jimmy ordered Stan Sierra to attack Scott Schwartz, who was enjoying "Hollywood" Jimmy and Stan Sierra's punishment.  "Hollywood" Jimmy took his belt off and whipped Scott Schwartz and then choked him with his belt.  An irate Oscar Barlow confronted Jimmy inside the ring, ordering Jimmy to stop and let Scott go.  Jimmy ignored Oscar at first until Oscar promised him that he would have Jimmy kicked out of the building and locked up.  This was a very intense moment.  Jimmy done set "The Mayor" off and had his blood boiling.  Scott Schwartz had to be carried out on a stretcher.  Oscar Barlow said as soon as Scott Schwartz's friends, Jerry Lawler and Hulk Hogan hears about this, there will be some serious consequences.

One half of The Power Couple and the CW Starrs, Maria Starr made her way to the ring to introduce her husband, Dustin "FIVE" Starr.  Dustin and Maria were both rocking green ring attire.  Dustin proclaimed how "Green never looked so good.  Some might say it looks a lot like D-Generation X.  If there's one thing I'm not scared of, it's D-Generation X!"  Dustin Starr's opponent for the night was D-Generation X member and one half of the legendary tag-team, The New Age Outlaws, "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn! 

Before the Main Event got underway, Billy Gunn stated, "I feel like me and Road Dogg were The Power Couple when it came to introductions."  With that being said, Billy Gunn introduced a young man named Christopher, who recently made a video with hopes of taking Road Dogg's role for Billy Gunn's introduction at Championship Wrestling.  Christopher has Autism Spectrum and once he made it inside the ring, Billy Gunn told Maria, "If you're not taking that off, get out!"  Christopher was flawless with his delivery and did an awesome job with The New Age Outlaws introduction.  Such a cool moment that I'm sure Christopher will never forget. 

Main Event-"Badd Ass" Billy Gunn defeated Dustin "FIVE" Starr with Maria Starr when Billy ducked and Maria took Dustin to "Slap City" which resulted in Dustin being on the receiving end of a Fame-Ass-er-Referee C'Lo

Saturday was such a fun night at Championship Wrestling!  The Isle of Capri in Lula was packed.  I can't wait for the next one.  Thanks to all the great fans for attending and everyone associated for making this wonderful event a successful Good Call!
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