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Cameron Valentine Benefit Results From Dorsey, MS-September 22nd, 2017

Last Friday's event was a special gathering in which everybody came together to support and raise money for Cameron "The Sledge Hammer" Valentine's medical expenses.  Cameron was injured two months ago in Amory, while competing in a tag-team match alongside Neil "Real Deal" Taylor and managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock.  Cameron and Neil were taking on Tony Dabbs and wrestling legend "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner.  During the match, while competing against Scott Steiner, Cameron took a dangerous bump that resulted in him breaking the C4 in his neck.  Here's a clip of this scary moment for those who may have missed it.

"Outlaw" JD McKay was the ring announcer for all of the night's festivities and informed everyone of the bake sale featuring goodies made by Tia, Michele Burchell and Donna Ratliff as well as a 50/50 drawing that was taking place with all proceeds going directly to Cameron.  Without further ado, JD introduced Cameron, who entered the ring to speak.  Cameron explained how he was blessed to have survived his accident in great detail noting how his doctor informed him that he should be dead or in a wheelchair paralyzed from the neck down.  Cameron was scheduled to wear his halo for three months, but if everything looks good with next week's x-ray he may be out of the halo and in a neck brace ahead of schedule.  Cameron said that the doctor hasn't told him yet if he would be able to wrestle again, but on Friday night while standing in the middle of the ring, Cameron let everyone know, "I will wrestle again.  It might take some time for the nerves to heal, but I will wrestle again."  This is just a small summary of Cameron's inspirational story about his journey and how he radiates such positive vibes.  Words simply doesn't do it justice.

Most importantly, Cameron wanted to thank everyone for their support and prayers.  Cameron added that during your time of need, you really find out who your real friends are.  Cameron noted that he's not heard from his tag team partner, Neil Taylor or his manager, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock since his accident happened.  Cameron stated, "What am I, damaged goods?"  "Hollywood" Jimmy and Neil Taylor came to the ring to confront Cameron.  "Hollywood" Jimmy told Cameron, "When you're hurt, you can't make me any money!"  "Hollywood" Jimmy and Neil started to attack Cameron, but "The Future" Chris Styles ran in to make the save.  Outside the ring, Neil continued to blast Cameron with insults telling him that he was the worst partner, saying Cameron would agree with him if he could nod.  "Hollywood" Jimmy called a lady in the audience, a grey haired witch and old hag.  Neil advised someone to feed a woman so she would stop mooing and said that he's going to slap everybody in the building, but unfortunately he's going to start with fat people first, but he didn't know where to begin.  Neil was ruthless!  The main event was announced for the night which would feature Chris Styles with Cameron Valentine in his corner taking on Neil Taylor with "Hollywood" Jimmy.  Fans gave Chris and Cameron an artificial leg with a boot and wooden cane.  Chris told "Hollywood" Jimmy that he was going to stick that boot up his a#$!

Opening Match-"Mr. 4.4" Izzy Rotten with assistance from his own personal butler, Cadbury defeated Christian Stone by using a chain-Referee John

2nd Match-1/3 of Mason Dixon Line, "Dangerous" Devan Dixon accompanied by Silas Mason and Hunter Havoc vs "Xtreme" Brett Michaels-Referee Turtle-Brett Michaels got the Dorsey crowd to chant, "Roman Reigns" at Devan Dixon.  You can see the similarities.  Silas Mason and Hunter Havoc were constantly interfering during this one.  The end of the match occurred when "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock came down and attempted to strike Brett with his signature cane while Devan Dixon held him, but Brett moved so "Hollywood" hit Devan with the cane instead.  Brett made the pin for the three count.  Your winner, "Xtreme" Brett Michaels!!!

Bone Crusher started bidding on one of the cakes that were being sold for the bake sale at ten dollars.  "Hollywood" Jimmy and Neil Taylor walked to the ring with "Hollywood" Jimmy bragging about having more money than everybody in this place, saying that he can outbid Bone Crusher.  Bone told Jimmy, "I bet if they had a box of Twinkies, you would buy them all!"  "Hollywood" Jimmy challenged Bone Crusher to a competition if "Hollywood" outbids him on the cake, he gets to throw the cake in Bone Crusher's face, but if Bone Crusher outbids "Hollywood" he would get to toss the cake in Neil Taylor's face.  "Hollywood" Jimmy always finding a clever way of getting out of "sticky" situations.  "Hollywood" Jimmy's first bid was fifteen dollars.  And then, the dollars just started flying in with everyone getting in on the action.  Cameron Valentine stated how this really turned into a Cake War.  The bidding would continue.

3rd Match-Triple Threat Tag Action-The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Casanova Kidd defeated The Hale County Misfits, Jai Web & Chop and 2/3 of Mason Dixon Line, Silas Mason & Hunter Havoc-Referee John-First time seeing, Silas Mason.  Really like his throwback look.  Cameron mentioned how he's got The Fabulous Freebirds look going.  I totally agree.  A new age Michael "P.S." Hayes on the rise.  Kidd delivered an awesome blockbuster on Jai to get the victory.  After the match, Chop ran to the cake table and bought a Twinkie to give Jai to revive him.  Jai shot straight up, reenergized.  Behold the power of Twinkies!

It was announced that Bone Crusher won the Cake War which totaled a whopping three hundred and fifteen dollars.  Wow!!!

Neil Taylor, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and Worm made their way to the ring for the Main Event.  "Hollywood" Jimmy was graciously welcomed as the fans threw Twinkies at him.  One of them even busted on his red jacket.

Main Event-"The Future" Chris Styles accompanied by Cameron Valentine and "Big" Mike, who was carrying a baseball bat vs Neil "Real Deal" Taylor with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and Worm-Referee Turtle-Chris superkicked Worm, but was hit with a chain by Neil.  Neil got the pinfall, but after seeing the object, Referee Turtle restarted the match.  Once restarted, Chris Styles superkicked Neil for the one, two, three!  Your winner, "The Future" Chris Styles with Cameron Valentine and "Big" Mike!!!  Chris shared some kind words for Cameron afterwards.

Following the match, Bone Crusher held "Hollywood" Jimmy while Cameron Valentine threw the yellow cake in his face as the fans watched with delight.

By the end of the night, oWo promoter, "Dirty" Terrell Moore announced that there was a total of one thousand dollars raised to help with Cameron Valentine's medical expenses.  That just shows you how strong the wrestling community really is.  For everyone to come together for Cameron is such a beautiful thing.  Good Calls to everyone involved in making this event a success.

Special Thanks to Vandella Garmon Biersack for letting me use her awesome picture

B's  RSWF/MEW  Weekend

What an action packed weekend for Memphis Wrestling. It started Saturday at Jerome "Soultaker" Williams's RSWF Arena .
Announcer/Commentator Mia Interviews D'Mone "The Nephilim".
He says the RSWF fans are going to see a different side of him. "All the fat slobs are gonna get what they deserve , a good, old-fashion butt whoopin!"

Match 1: Max Rage vs D'Mone
D'Mone starts off strong with a couple of arm drags and hard shoulder block. Max comes back with about 7 or 8 kicks and 4 punches. D'Mone crushes Max with a viscous spear. Then he does like a 7 Amigos Suplex Chain followed by 3 more. 1,2,3!!!! D'Mone took Max to a Satanic Suplex City for sure.

Match 2: Brian Valor vs Ace
Ace starts off with a Lamar Avenue Mafia Kick that rattles Valor. Outside Valor throws Ace into a pole. Valor puts a textbook reverse chin-lock on Ace. He follows up with a big drop-kick . Ace DDTs Valor and gives him a deadly Spine-Buster. After a failed attempt at his finisher , Ace turns a Miss into a Choke-Slam (Hey Dennis) .
Finally he reels Valor in for a Fishermans Suplex. 1,2,3!!!! Ace Wins!!!!

Match 3: Kevin Bless vs 1/2 of The Tag Team : The Streets
This match barely started when the other half of The Streets interfered , giving Kevin "The King of these Here Thursday Nights" Bless the win.Ace runs in to help . This sets up Match 4.

Match 4: The Streets vs Ace and Kevin Bless ( For the Honor of MEMPHIS, TN)
The Streets control a lot of this match early with quick tags and double-team combo moves like a leg-drop/Moon-salt assault. Another highlight was a low drop kick to Ace's face. Bless tags in and completes a double-team move with a rib kick. All of a sudden Big Charles Ray runs in and goes hog wild!!! Soultaker runs in. Everyone is beating the hell out of each other.

Match 5: Charles Ray and The Streets vs Soultaker, Ace, and Kevin Bless
A continuation of the brawl at hand. More of a heated fight than a technical  wrestling match. In the end a Soultaker Choke-Slam into the fires 🔥 of HELL gets the Victory!!

Sunday MEW Malice in Crystal Palace
Wow . Crystal Palace brings back some old school memories. We filmed part of the video for my band On and Ohn (aka The Bruise Brothers Memphis Wrestling Band) called  Teenage Love at Crystal Palace a few years ago as well.
I didn't really plan to do a report for this show , I was just gonna relax and enjoy it but I took several pics and it was a cool show.

Match 1: 3-Way Dance
for The MEW Internet Title
The M.O.E. vs Blake Christian vs DJ Brown
This match was basically DJ and Blake taking turns seeing who could inflict more pain on that smelly, no-good runt, The M.O.E. somehow that little rat squeaks out a victory with a suspicious 1,2,3 out of Moewhere.

Match 2: Anton Leveigh vs "Dynamite" Johnny Dotson
Dotson came out with some crack head lookin manager. He was supporting Trump, making fun of people on Food Stamps and calling fans fat. Anton Leveigh looked like a talented up and comer landing several kick variants and high dropkicks. Dotson ends finishing him with the Dotson Drop.

Match 3: Dell "Boogie" Tucker and Addison "Son of Yoko Zuna" Caine vs "All That" Alan Steel and "Greater Than Great" Derrick King.
The fans kept calling Dell Tucker The Boogie Man the whole match. Dell retaliated by calling me Billy Ray Cyrus. This one went back and forth but the Power Pro All Stars aka King Steel prevail. Simply the Best!!

Match 4: "The King of Pow" Chris Lexx vs MEW SUPREME HEAVY CHAMPION  Tattoo
These 2 fan favorites lived up to the hype. Tattoo showed he was still a high flyer . Lexx brought the street to the ring with a bunkhouse attack and even landed a Lexxecutioner. Johnny Dotson runs in and interferes causing an instant DQ. Tattoo retains the belt.

Match 5: MEW Everybody in Battle Royal
Every wrestler we saw early plus 1/2 Beer 30 and Marie Storm. The only lady in the match makes it to the end with Johnny Dotson. While they are celebrating , Dotson throw Storm over the top rope. Winner, "Dynamite" Johnny Dotson. He is now the #1 Contender for the MEW title.

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oWo Benefit raises $1,000 tonight in Dorsey, Ms.

Thanks to the fans of oWo the benefit raised $1,000 to help out Cameron Valentine's Medical Expenses. 

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Monday, September 18, 2017


oWo benefit for Cameron Valentine friday Sept 22nd at 3107 w hwy 178 Fulton (reeves auction building in Dorsey ms) on the card: Tony Dabbs, Curly Moe, Brett Michaels, Izzy Rotten, Hollywood Jimmy, Chris Styles, Neil Taylor, Pink and Black attack and more. A bake sale will also take place. Bell time 8:00 P.M. Admission $7 kids 4 and under free. All proceeds go to Cameron's Medical expenses.


CCW Presents Best Of The Best 2 Saturday, September 30th Cape Girardeau, MO



FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH CCW FANFEST Featuring Jeff Hardy and his band Peroxwhy?gen in Concert/ Jeff Hardy Meet & Greet-Cape Girardeau, MO-6PM

Do not miss this incredible event! You can meet CCW stars, check out incredible merchandise sold by CCW vendors! Games for the kids as well as Papa John's mascot Mr. slice! And do not miss Superstar Jeff Hardy in concert as well as a meet and greet before the show. Tickets are going fast! for your meet and greet and fan fest ticket needs.

MLLW Memphis Lucha Libre Wrestling September 23rd Memphis, TN-4PM Bell Time


Pro Wrestling Ego Star Youth Association Fundraiser Saturday, September 23rd Byram, MS

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Bobby "The Brain" Heenan has passed away

We are sadden to hear about the passing of Bobby Heenan. He was 73. 

Jim Ross tweeted:

The news of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's passing today gutted me. 

I loved our time together. 

No one ever did it better than the Wease.

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Championship Wrestling from Lula, Miss 9/2/17 Highlights


Check out the highlights from Championship Wrestling in Lula, Mississippi.   Video credit James Dobbs from  Delta Wrestling 

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Isle Of Capri Championship Wrestling "Main Event" Bad Ass Billy Gunn vs Dustin 5 Starr w/ Maria Starr

What a great night of Championship Wrestling....
Sorry i'm a little late posting. The entire card was stacked and once again Championship wrestling had the fans on the edge of their seat.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Christopher Downs Introduces Billy Gunn at Championship Wrestling

Championship Wrestling and Billy Gunn made Christopher Down's dreams become a reality.  Christopher has Autism Spectrum. Christopher had made a video prior to the show on how he wanted to take Road Dogg's role on The New Age Outlaws introduction.

The introduction was perfect! Christopher did an incredible job.

Championship Wrestling -Isle of Capri- Final Hour vs Mitch Toretta/The Soviet Saint w/Hollywood Jimmy