Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cody Rhodes on WWE owning the 'Rhodes' name

Former WWE and current ROH star Cody Rhodes appeared on the most recent edition of Jerry Lawler's podcast 'Dinner With The King' to promote his upcoming match against Lawler this weekend for North East Wrestling in which both the NEW and ROH championships will be on the line. Rhodes also discussed a number of topics including ding WWE still owning the 'Rhodes' name. Below are highlights from that interview

His current situation with ROH:

“Ring of Honor hates the fact that I genuinely remained a free agent; I did not sign a contract with them.

“I signed on for various dates, and I have many dates left with them. I really like Ring of Honor. But I’m not going to be exclusive anywhere. I did exclusive.”

Life after WWE:

“This is the happiest I’ve been in my career. It’s been so rewarding to get out there and do my own schedule. I’m very much a happy man. It’s a cool time.”

WWE owning the ‘Rhodes’ name:

“It’s a very simple matter of if I want to ask for my last name, if I want to ask for Cody Rhodes back to perform under it — I perform under it at non-televised events, it’s not secret to the fans that’s my last name — but when it comes to television, that’s WWE’s intellectual property. And I am wholeheartedly sure that if I were to ask them to go by Rhodes, they would have no problem.

“But I don’t mind going by just Cody. I think there’s something cool about it.”

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