Sunday, August 13, 2017

B's EPW Roaming Wrestling Report

Mr. Dennis has been talking EPW for months now. I knew Bone, Kidd, Michelle , Turtle, Ken Dang, Buzz....
So I met him in Southaven and we headed to Booneville . It seemed like an old abandoned building from the road. Inside it felt like a pure old school wrestling lovers dream. Mamma J and Ronnie and everyone was great at concessions and helping find good seating. I got to chat with my sweet friend  "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart.
I took weird pics of Tia selling wrestling pics. I saw my good buddy Dreadhead Kev. Todd and Danielle were there. And then there were these matches.
-Chris Cade vs Walker Hayes w/Serenity Dawn
These two young wrestlers went at it hard . "Serenity" Dawn cheated and distracted the whole time.
Hayes neck drop win

-CJ Jenkins vs "The Southern Showoff" Jack Parker (1/2 🍺-30)
Showoff ruled this match. CJ fought back a little but
Southern Showoff hits with beer can to the face and face slam wins
Paris Kelly vs Diana Taylor w/ Dirty Dustin Anthony
These two firecrackers went at it hard . Eventually Super Brown teamed up with Paris and they fought Taylor and Anthony on the floor until it was ruled a double count out
Double count out

Buzz and Bullwhip vs Crippler and Moe for tag titles
Moe wines and Buzz rocks him.
This one is an Old School fight.
A Buzz stunner helps get the 1,2,3

"The Real Deal" Neil Taylor vs  Ken Dang
A sweaty battle. Legs and arms fly wild
Ref Coach goes down
2nd ref counts 1,2,3
Neil wins gets and The Mid-South Belt
Coach reverses the decision
Ken Dang keeps belt.

Heavyweight Belt Match
Champ Cody Hawk vs Izzy Rotten
Izzy has a whole entourage outside the ring Justin Case keeps them at bay. These two "big men" slug it out . Izzy goes for a "chain " punch and loses .
Cody Hawk wins DQ vs Izzy Rotten

EPW Main Event:
The Pink and Black Attack w/Memphis Wrestling Legend-WWE Hall of Famer "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart vs The Blackbeards w/ "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock
 The fans pelted Blaylock and The Blackbeards with Twinkies and chanted Twinkie  , and Jelly Roll. Jimmy Blaylock is known for being a glutton and cheater. This match was a battle from the get go. Jimmy Hart was keeping Jimmy Blaylock in check until Blaylock stops the match and pulls out what he called an "official notice from the Miss-a-pissy Afletix Department" he read it out and it said if Jimmy Hart interfered in the match he would be thrown out the EPW Arena. Bone said his Lawler's would investigate it Monday. The match resumed . Eventually Blaylock throws powder and The Blackbeards get the 1,2,3. Referee  🐢 says he saw nothing. Funny I saw a powder hand print in the ring. The Blackbeards Win. Bone says next week is a rematch. If Pink and Black win they get 5 min with Blaylock in a dog cage.

I have to say I had a blast at EPW. Great recommendation Mr. Dennis McCammon.

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