Monday, July 24, 2017

                                                       B's UCPWS Wrestling Report

 Once again UCPWS delivers a hell of an afternoon of action for wrestling fans of the Mid-South  I made the trip with Mr. Kevin Conlee and The Midnight Rider . Soon as we walked in we saw the birthday boy C-Lo and we knew it would be a fun afternoon. UPCWS General Manager. James Curtis presents Tag Champs XXL their belts and also gives Andy Mack his Light-Heavyweight belt
Match 1: King of The Sip Chris Ward vs Prince Adonis
A rematch of the KOTS finals that was action packed from the get go. Ward gives Adonis everything he could handle but Adonis catches him off guard and drops him on his head for the 1,2,3...

Match 2: The Shadow vs Kylan James
This  masked shadow had a very familiar body shape. He gave Kylan a hard match but Kylan locks in his patented Dragon Sleeper for the win. Kontar comes out and chokeskams Kylan into the depths of hell after the match.

Match 3: HollyHood vs Unknown Masked Man
This was the revenge HollyHood has been waiting a month for. This masked guy jumped Hood at The Sip Tournament last month before he made it into the ring. This time a choke slam from HollyHood finishes this masked giant off.

Match 4: Hardknox Hooligan w/Jimmy Starr vs Criss Gage
This young Gage fought hard and showed the fans he is truly an emerging, young talent but a textbook piledriver by Hardknox takes him out. Winner ( as always with cheating help by Jimmy Starr) is Hardknox Hooligan.

Match 5: Nemesis vs Ken Dang
Nemesis controlled this one early with knees to the face everywhere. Dang comes back but gets disqualified when he uses a steel chair. Winner Nemesis

Match 5: Main Event 4-Way Ladder Match for the UPCWs Light Heavyweight Title
Andy Mack vs DJ Menace vs Sam Armstrong vs Shane Shoffner
This was one of the most exciting matches I've seen this year. So many viscous Ladder attacks, and high flying  moves it was hard to keep up with the action. I had picked Andy Mack before the match but low and behold, the winner and new UPCWS  Light-Heavyweight Champ is DJ Menace. Wow!

Thanks UCPWS for some great wrestling. Can't wait for the next show.

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