Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ProSouth Wrestling results from 6/30 in Piedmont, AL

ProSouth Wrestling, Piedmont, AL, June 30 results:  

Three Way Match: O'Shay Edwards defeated Tyler Gage and Ayden Andrews to win the Twin States Heavyweight Championship.  

The DMs of Swagger (Jon Averson & Deon Murphy) w/Cameron Action defeated Kevin Ryan & Kelvin Holmes.  

Falls Count Anywhere Match: ProSouth Tag Team Champions The Greenhorn Militia (Shean Christopher & B-What) defeated the Left Hand Path (Eric Silva & Alister Crowe) w/Mathias Darkthorne to retain.  

ProSouth All-Out Champion Cabana Man Dan defeated Kyle Matthews to retain.  

Family of Fire Match: Trickster w/Britt Jackson & James Hardy defeated Dameon Ceretone. Ceretone must now join The Family.  

ProSouth Heavyweight Champion Big Tomb defeated Cameron Action w/Jon Averson & Deon Murphy to retain.  

Big Tomb defeated O'Shay Edwards to unify the ProSouth & Twin States Heavyweight Championships to become the first ProSouth Unified champion.  

Donnie Primetime defeated Big Tomb to win the ProSouth Unified Championship after cashing in his Gold Rush title shot.

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