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oWo 5th Anniversary Show Results July 22, 2017-oWo Returns to Amory, MS on Saturday, August 5th

BHP The Label's Austin Shumpert better known as Audi Banyo kicked off the oWo Fifth Anniversary Show with a performance of hits from his Blossom album

Kimble Winstead was the ring announcer for the night. 

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and oWo Heavyweight Champion Barry Wolf stormed out ordering Kimble to get in the ring.  Once inside, "Hollywood" Jimmy told Kimble that he made him a big star in North Mississippi during the IWF days.  "Hollywood" Jimmy demanded that oWo promoter, "Dirty" Terrell Moore tell them who Barry Wolf's opponent was going to be for the night.  After taking a small survey from the packed house in Amory, who unanimously voted to not tell them, Dirty said, "Your opponent is real close."  Moments later, "Xtreme" Brett Michaels snuck in the ring behind Barry Wolf and attacked him.  So it will be Brett Michaels challenging oWo Heavyweight Champion Barry Wolf in the Main Event later in the night.

Opening Match-The Hale County Misfits, Jai Web & Chop defeated The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova when Jai lifted Kidd into a fireman's carry and Chop delivered a running neckbreaker-Referee for all the action was Turtle

2nd Match-"Tha Stunt" Curly Moe defeated Cameron "The Sledge Hammer" Valentine with a stunner

3rd Match was a special "Chase for Choice" Triple Threat Elimination Match featuring the winners from the first two matches with the winner getting the opportunity at a title shot anytime he wants that's good for a year.  Curly Moe first pinned Jai Web following a double clothesline and then rolled up Chop to Win the Chase for Choice Opportunity

Kimble Winstead brought back out Audi Banyo for another performance

"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs entered the ring and said that he's won every title twice and been wrestler of the year no matter what Jimmy Blaylock says.  Tony announced, "Tonight is going to be my last time wrestling ever."  "Hollywood" Jimmy came out and confronted Tony.  Cameron Valentine and Neil "Real Deal" Taylor attacked Tony from behind.  As they were double teaming Tony, suddenly the sirens started blasting and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner came to the ring to save Tony and even the sides.  The fans were treated to a Scott Steiner promo like only "The Big Bad Booty Daddy" can deliver.  Scott said this is some bulls---!  Scott asked Tony, "If you've got one match left in you, we'll beat their fat asses!"  Scott continued by telling "Hollywood" Jimmy, Neil Taylor and Cameron Valentine, "You've got a fat ass!  You've got a fat ass!  And you look like s---!" 

4th Match-Tony Dabbs & Scott Steiner defeated Cameron Valentine & Neil Taylor managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock after Scott locked Cameron in the Steiner Recliner

There was a very scary moment during the match in which Cameron Valentine took a bump during a flatliner/reverse STO from Steiner resulting in Cameron suffering a broken C4 in his neck.  In case you haven't seen it, check out the videos below featuring the injury and Cameron's interview.  All of us here at Wrestling News Center would like to wish our friend Cameron a speedy recovery.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  Get well soon, buddy.

Main Event-oWo Heavyweight Championship-Champion Barry Wolf managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock defeated "Xtreme" Brett Michaels, but this came with a lot of unanswered questions.  During the match, as Brett Michaels lifted Barry up into a fireman's carry, referee Turtle was knocked down.  This sparked "Hollywood" Jimmy to enter the ring with cane in hand.  Tony Dabbs ran in to stop Jimmy.  As Brett Michaels picked up Barry Wolf, Tony Dabbs superkicked Brett Michaels in a shocking turn of events which led to Barry Wolf pinning Michaels and retaining his title.  Tony Dabbs left the ring and told Brett, "What goes around comes around."  An irate Brett Michaels brought a chair into the ring and had a sit down strike.  He said he wasn't leaving until he got Tony Dabbs.  Brett stayed in the ring as the show ended and even while the crew began tearing down the ring.    oWo promoter, Dirty told Brett that they're all friends and he's going to fix this on August 5th when oWo returns to Amory.

oWo supershow Saturday, August 5th at the East Amory Community Center(1200 crump blvd) Amory. Dustin Starr and Maria return. Find out how Dirty is gonna fix the friendship of Brett Michaels and Tony Dabbs. also the card Curly Moe, Barry Wolf, Neil Taylor and Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, Hale County Misfits, Pink and Black attack, Wil Sharp, and more. Admission $10, kids ages 10 and under $7, and kids aged 4 and under free. Doors open at 5:45 Belltime 7:30.

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