Saturday, July 15, 2017

"B's SGWA Report"---7-14-2017

 Wow! What a fun night for Old School Memphis Wrestling Fans.
New SGWA Owner Memphis Mike comes out and names Downtown Bruno SGWA Commisioner. Bruno promises to clean things up and make sure the matches are fair.

Match 1: Fat B.R. Brawler beats The Midnight Rider with the cheating help of manager Justin Case
Match 2: DJ Brown vs TJ O'Riley
Fast paced , exciting match until
Kross man throws powder
DJ wins
Match 3: The Superstar Bill Dundee   punches the senses out of Izzy Rotten and gets a victory.
Match 4: The Boogie Woogie Boy
Gary Valiant dances with the fans and gives Bruno a kiss. Raja fights Boogie hard but it ends up in a double count out
DJ Brown comes out and a
Kross Man match set July 28th for The SGWA Belt.
Kross attacks DJ and DJ retaliates only to be jumped again . Bruno breaks it up.
Main Event: Final Hour vs  SGWA Tag Champs The Pink and Black Attack. This was a brawl between 2 teams I really respect. It looked to me like Kid Nova got the 1, 2, 3 but C-Lo, stunned from getting smashed , awards the belts to Final Hour. Bruno says the referees decision stands. C-Lo ends up getting jumped by Bone and Nova on the way to his car after the show. Things are heating up in the SGWA.

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