Saturday, July 1, 2017

                                                B's Roaming Wrestling Report
                                        UCPWS King of The Sip Tournament

It was my first time to go to Holy Springs for UCPWS wrestling . I brought my good friend Mr.Kevin Conlee who has been talking good about it for a while. Fred Cotto and Patrick Robinson were also in the house. We were greeted outside by none other than Chris Holly Hood. Once inside we saw our referee and friend C-Lo Banks and The Masked Commentator . The matches were off the chain. Prince Adonis Staples, Ken Dang, Chris Ward, Andy Mack, Hardknox Holliday w/ Jimmy Starr, The Dirty White Boy Dustin Anthony, Kontar, Kylan James, .....They even had Walking Dead star Chris Cerillo guest commentating. Nemesis ended up losing his brand new UCPWS Championship belt to Ken Dang after an open challenge. In the end, Chris Ward proved once again that he is the true King of The Sip once more. Definitely a fun time fir Mid-South Wrestling fans.

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