Saturday, July 15, 2017

B's OWA Report for 7-15-2017
@Freedom Biker Church

Everyone came together in Nesbit to raise money for David Stone at Freedom Biker Church. What a cool venue and the matches were awesome too. There was even a couple raffles and discounted concessions. Mr. Kevin, Dennis McCammon and C-Lo were on hand. Masked M.C.  was the commentator.
Match 1:
Cowboy Chris Frazier vs Walker Hayes. The veteran Frazier makes pretty quick work of the big youngster Hayes and finishes him with a big steel chair hit
Match 2: Kevin Bless vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin. This one went back and forth but Austin hit Bless with a stunner out of nowhere for the win.
Match 3: Chris Ward vs Hardknox Hooligan w/ Jimmy Starr
Jimmy Star interferes the whole match choking and hitting with a chain but Ward gets the win with a European Uppercut
Match 4: Nemesis vs Ken Dang
This one is a back and forth , hard fought match but one too many knees to the face leaves Dang on the losing end
Main Event: Motley Cruz and Samoan Raja vs Syn and Andy Mack
Syn and Mack fly high in this one hitting Cruz and Raja with everything they had . Mack gets knocked out by Walker Hayes outside the ring and Cruz pins Syn for the win
What a fun night for wrestling fans in The Mid-South.

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