Thursday, June 22, 2017

SPWA Results June 17th Pocahontas, TN

Saturday night's SPWA event began with a heartwarming moment for a local family.  Ring announcer, Tim Watson brought out SPWA owners, Grady Watson and Allen Stone.  They announced that they've got a brand new wrestler scheduled to make his debut.  Chazz and Christian Stone, The Stone Brothers were introduced and brought out the new masked wrestler.  Grady Watson selected several kids from the crowd to join him and the new wrestler inside the ring.  Grady added that whoever pins the wrestler will get a twenty dollar bill.  On Grady's command, a little boy tackled the wrestler and pinned him for the three count.  After being pinned the wrestler took off his mask to reveal that he was the little boy's father that just returned home from the army.  Adam Zellner hugged his son and two daughters in the ring, who were so excited.  Such a wonderful surprise for this family.  Even though the young man still received a twenty from Grady this memory was truly priceless.  Please check out the video.

Opening Match-"The Southern Saint" Cory Daniels defeated LSD with a schoolboy rollup-The referee for the night was Scott Stevens

Tim Watson interviewed AC Styles who called out Steven Styles.  AC expressed his disappointment in Steven letting him know that he just can't perform like he's suppose to.  AC added that Steven needed to learn how to listen and do things on his own.  In order to accomplish this, AC is showing him some tough love. 

2nd Match-Bam Bam Bundy defeated Steven Styles with a modified Michinoku driver after AC Styles tripped Steven and attacked him with a chair outside the ring.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock entered the SPWA Arena and told Tim Watson, "You smell old just like Lance Russell!"  "Hollywood" Jimmy brought out Alex Stone and Rickey Smith saying they've all got something in common, "They hate The Valiants!"  "Hollywood" gave a few stories about how low down and dirty Jimmy Valiant is.  "Hollywood" said he's close personal friends with Jerry Lawler and it was disgusting what Jimmy Valiant did to him years ago busting a coca cola bottle over his head, forcing Lawler to have stitches.  "Hollywood" Jimmy continued by telling about the time Lawler was performing his famous song, "Bad News" and Jimmy Valiant hit him with a guitar once again causing Lawler to have to get stitches again.  Then, "Hollywood" Jimmy crossed the line as he started saying while Jimmy Valiant was always on the road being a bad father, his kids started being a bunch of juvenile delinquents, hitting the road doing nothing, but crime.  This caused "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant to rush the ring wielding a steel chair alongside "The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant and "The American Assassin" Jackie Adams.  "Hollywood" Jimmy, Alex Stone and Rickey Smith stormed out of the ring.  Even after leaving the ring, "Hollywood" Jimmy shouted at Jimmy Valiant that everything he said was true and could not believe how the fans still cheered for Valiant.  Jimmy Valiant told "Hollywood" Jimmy and company, "We got the main event, but we don't have to wait.  We can do it now!"  "Hollywood" Jimmy declined the offer stating that we do things on our own time.  So that match would take place later on.

Next, I had the honor of presenting the daughter of wrestling legend, "Outlaw" Don Bass, Misti Deskins, with the Wrestling News Center Award For Event of 2016, The Don Bass Memorial Show.  Then, I presented SPWA Owners, Allen Stone and Grady Watson with the Wrestling News Center Award for Promotion of 2016.  Congratulations!!!

Brandon the Worm introduced Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor.  The SPWA Tag-Team Champions Chazz and Christian Stone made their way out.  Commissioner Jim Casey notified Chazz that he didn't have a manager's license so he would have to report back to the dressing room.  However, once the singles match began between Neil Taylor and Christian Stone, Worm quickly interfered.  This sparked Commissioner Jim Casey to bring back Chazz stating, "You're right, he doesn't have a manager's license, but he's got a wrestler's license."  Casey told Worm that he's got a wrestling license for the night as a tag match was made.

3rd Match-SPWA Tag-Team Champions, Chazz & Christian Stone defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & Brandon the Worm-Funny seeing Worm in there with all three of those big men.

4th Match-Michael Gilbert vs SPWA Heavyweight Champion Chris Styles ended in a double count out as both men brawled out on the floor.  This one got intense as both combatants had to be separated by all the boys from the back.

Main Event-"The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant and "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant with Grady Watson in their corner defeated Alex Stone & Rickey Smith, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Finish saw Handsome Jimmy apply a sleeper hold on Alex Stone, Gary Valiant locked in Rickey Smith with a sleeper as well and even Grady Watson put "Hollywood" Jimmy to sleep out on the floor.  During the match, "Hollywood" even got a smooch from Handsome Jimmy.  Fun way to end a great night of action at SPWA.  Really enjoyed my first trip to Pocahontas.

This Saturday night, see The Power Couple, Dustin & Maria Starr as well as The Final Hour at SPWA

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