Tuesday, June 20, 2017

                        RSWF Brickhouse Brown Benefit 

                           B's Special Wrestling Report

What an awesome night to be an Old School Memphis Wrestling Fan. Brickhouse Brown, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Superstar Bill Dundee....plus wrestlers from several different promotions were able to put aside petty squabbles and come together for Brickhouse Brown, a true legend of Memphis Wrestling and raise over $1300 to help out with cancer treatments. The results and some pics have already been posted on WNC. I just wanted to share something written by long time Memphis Wrestling and Mid-South Wrestling Superfan Patrick Robinson. You probably have seen him running around taking pics at several local promotions or kicking it with Kevin Conlee, Dennis McCammon, or me B. I also wanted to post a few more pics I took during this cool show.

P.S.   We had so much fun throwing Twinkies at that fat slob "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and his buddies Mitch Toretta and Neil Taylor. We will do even worse to those obese goods next time they come back to Mempho.

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