Sunday, June 18, 2017

Continue the support and prayers for Brickhouse

        What a great weekend of wrestling and the love and support shown to Brickhouse Brown. I felt honored as a longtime fan to witness all of the respect and love given to one person in the shows i attended.. many of the greats of Memphis wrestling showed up to share moments and stories of the good times and hearing Brick talk about the past brought back some many memories and left me with a forever lasting memory... there is no way to ever thank everybody that brought all of this together from the promoters wrestlers and the super fans from far and near thank you. i will share a few photos from this weekend and  in particular is my favorite... it was a circle of prayer of prayer that looked like two football teams all in the same huddle which i should remind you is almost the same as any professional sport everybody with different reasons plans or goals will all stop what they are doing to come together for one of their own.  THANK YOU EVERYBODY!

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