Monday, June 26, 2017

                                                      B's Weekly Wrestling Rundown                

                                 RSWF Proving Ground ft.WWE Superstar The Boogeyman

Once again RSWF delivers another action packed night of old school wrestling with a new twist.
There was a mix of Old School vets, up and comers and WWE Legends.
David Ali and Mason Tyler fought hard with Ali coming out in the end with a win. Big Ace finished off Kevin Bless with a Fisherman Brainbuster . DJ Brown takes care of Anthony young after an exciting , high-flying matchup. Chris Lexx beats the blood out of Max Rage after a wild fan altercation. Rage had earlier tried to hit on announcer Mia In a strange way. Pure Power jumps giant newcomer Austin Towers and messes up his leg. The wildest part was when Pure Power wrestled handicap against The Boogeyman . He ate live worms and spit it on them and the audience. Blood and worms covered the RSWF Arena floor. Boogeyman wins by DQ. All in all it was another great night of action for Memphis Wrestling Fans.

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