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Brickhouse Brown Benefit Results June 16, 2017 Memphis, TN

Memphis, Tennessee was the place to be this past Friday night as the wrestling community packed the RSWF Arena to support and raise money for the legendary Brickhouse Brown. 

Chris Lexx, Marco Rose and Mia called all of the night's action from ringside.

Opening Match-DJ Brown defeated Purple Haze after a fast pace contest with a blockbuster-Referee Lenso-Shortly before this one got started, Marco Rose added, "DJ Brown is the son of Danny B. Good and we all know that Brickhouse Brown used to kick his ass all the time!"

2nd Match-Vordell Walker defeated John Saxon with a sunset flip from the top-rope-Referee Fox

Memphis Wrestling Legend, Reggie B. Fine entered the ring and thanked the fans for coming out to support Brickhouse.  Reggie announced they were having a raffle to win a $1500 watch with tickets costing only two dollars.  They were also auctioning two of Reggie's fur coats, t-shirts, boots and more. 

Reggie introduced "The man of the hour, too sweet to be sour!  The ladies' pet and the men's regret"  Brickhouse Brown.  Brickhouse was joined in the ring by all of the wrestlers and special guests including "Superstar" Bill Dundee, The Snowman, One half of the Miami Vice tag-team, Lou Winston, Sweet Georgia Brown and Brickhouse's beautiful daughter.  Many shared stories of Brickhouse and then Brickhouse Brown personally thanked everyone for the love and support he's received.  Brickhouse even cut a signature promo like only he can.  Here's some videos of this special moment.

Precious entered the ring and disrespected Brickhouse.  This led to Reggie B. Fine hitting the ring and launching Precious into the air with two big back body drops.  Reggie wanted five minutes with Precious and the match was made for later.

3rd Match-6 Man Tag-Motley Cruz, Bishop Kage & Samoan Raja accompanied by Nate The Rat defeated Danny Dollar, Anthony Young & Max Rage-Referee Ponytail-Motley Cruz delivered a vicious popup powerbomb on Young.  Finish saw Motley Cruz sidewalk slam Rage as Raja leaped from the turnbuckle with a headbutt.

4th Match-Reggie B. Fine with Johnny Dotson defeated Precious via countout-Referee Lenso-Reggie wants a No DQ match with Precious in the future.

"Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant and "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant accompanied by "The American Assassin" Jackie Adams arrived and shared some kind words about Brickhouse.

5th Match-Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk with Justin Case fought all over the RSWF Arena with the RSWF Tag-Team Champions Pure Power, V-Man & Charles Ray-At one point Brody and V-Man both knocked out Referee Ponytail-These four kept brawling into the dressing room as the match resulted in a no contest.

The Hollywood Clique members Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor and Mitch Toretta made their way to the ring, led by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock to the tune of Coolio's smash hit, "Gangsta's Paradise." All three had caps tilted to the side, stunna shades and "Hollywood" Jimmy was even rocking a Flavor Flav clock around his neck.  Once they entered the ring, several fans tossed Twinkies in the ring at them.  "Hollywood" Jimmy was quick to let them know that he doesn't eat Twinkies and that he's on a diet.  However this didn't seem to bother Mitch at all because he didn't waste no time biting into one.  Being in Memphis, "Hollywood" Jimmy informed the crowd about how The Hollywood Clique are a Mississippi gang that specializes in "THUG LIFE."  "Hollywood" Jimmy demanded that everyone stand up and salute the Mississippi state flag.  The Memphis crowd didn't like that at all.

"Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant made his way to the ring dancing and even planted a wet one on Tia.  Oh mercy! 

Main Event-"Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant & SoulTaker, accompanied by "Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant and "The American Assassin" Jackie Adams defeated The Hollywood Clique, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor and Mitch Toretta with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee Fox-During the match, for some reason SoulTaker went to the dressing room and never returned.  Gary Valiant managed to pick up the win after rolling up Neil with a school boy.  You can check out all the fun of this match below:

Special Thanks to FancamGuy Fred Cotto for the video

Be sure and check out all of Tia's awesome photos from this HUGE event @




Thanks to everyone that was a part of the Brickhouse Brown Benefit shows.  Such a memorable night that I will never forget, seeing so many friends under the same roof showing their support.  This is a true example of the power of wrestling and how everybody can come together for a great cause.  God bless you, Brickhouse Brown.  We love you and will continue to keep you in our prayers.

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