Sunday, May 28, 2017

'X-Pac' Sean Waltman Cleared of Charges in Airport Drug Arrest, Speaks With TMZ

The charges against Sean Waltman, following an arrest at LAX airport for felony drug possession after allegedly attempting to bring methamphetamines and marijuana through customs, have been dropped. The charges were dropped Thursday in court due to “insufficient evidence.”
Waltman maintained the capsules he had with him were obtained at Vitamin Cottage, and were being used to treat a yeast infection he had for the past year.

TMZ caught up with Waltman after the drug charges were dropped, and you can hear what Waltman had to say about the situation in the video below. Waltman noted officials claimed the pills he was carrying at LAX tested negative for meth, and now his drug case is essentially over. Waltman also discussed sitting in jail at the time of his arrest, and knowing that he was innocent, but recalled the times in his past when he had been sitting in jail for drug related arrests, and he said this time around it felt amazing knowing that he didn’t do it.

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