Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Memphis Wrestling Legend Brickhouse Brown Has 6 Months to a Year Left to Live

                                         Reggie B Fine with Brickhouse Brown 
                                                   picture from May 23rd 2017 
 WrestlingNewsCenter.com has sad news regarding the  health and future of  Memphis Wrestling legend Brickhouse Brown
 ( Real Name  Frederick Seawright).   Brickhouse is having trouble walking and  lost over 90 pounds due to cancer that has spread throughout his body. According to Brickhouse Brown his doctors told  him he only has 6 months to a year left to live.

  Reggie B. Fine who's a good friend of Brickhouse told WNC that he's  hoping  to have a fundraiser in the Memphis, Tennessee area within the next month to help  Brickhouse Brown  pay his rent and help pay for his medicine.  Reggie B said "Brickhouse is trying to receive disability benefits but that takes several months with all the paper work you must fill out".  Reggie said he  needs help now and hopes to find a place soon in the Memphis area to have the wrestling benefit. . WNC will keep you updated if they find a building to have Brickhouse Brown a benefit. 

Prayers go out to Brickhouse Brown from all the crew here at WNC. 

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