Thursday, April 20, 2017

Welterweight Wrestling Update: Three Matches Announced; Order on FITE Right Now!

Welterweight Wrestling is this generation's version of the so-called undersized athlete deserving of a chance to prove they can excel! Some of the absolute best young athletes 185 pounds and under have been assembled for a one-night war of attrition to determine the first pro wrestling Welterweight Champion in the United States!

Welterweight Wrestling takes place on Sunday, May 7 at 5pm EST from Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH!
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Main Event: 7-Man Scramble for Welterweight Championship
We can now announce the main event for our inaugural Welterweight Wrestling event on May 7.... sort of. The main event will be a SEVEN man Elimination Scramble match to crown the first Welterweight Champion! Six men will be defeated and only one will be left at the end to be named champion and be presented the championship title belt by the legendary "Franchise" Shane Douglas! We'll determine who advances to the title match via seven qualifying round matches held earlier in the event, as we start with the entire welterweight roster and narrow down to just one! Who will make history and become the first to wear Welterweight gold? Join us in Cleveland, OH or the FITE App on May 7 to find out!

Welterweight Championship Scramble Qualifier: Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Kidd
It's a battle between two California residents with vastly different views on the world in this Welterweight Championship Scramble Qualifying Match! Dylan Bostic aka "Swaggy D" is all about the world of celebrity and superficiality. He'd love to walk into a club or high-end socialite party with championship at hand, the center of attention and a star on the rise! Meanwhile, Ryan Kidd is a student of the game, having trained and studied in the US, Mexico, Japan, and across Europe. The Welterweight Championship would symbolize years of sacrifice and dedication finally paying off. Only one man can advance to the field of 7 that will battle for the title at the end of the night! Will May 7 be the day that one of these athletes' careers changes forever?

Welterweight Championship Scramble Qualifier: Ace Austin vs. Ace Perry
Welterweight Wrestling will be the first place ever to host the Battle of the Aces as part of the Welterweight Wrestling iPPV on Sunday, May 7! Ace Austin has been turning heads and gaining supporters all over the northeast as he treats every match as a high-risk gamble, but almost always seems to hold the high card. Meanwhile, Ace Perry has forged a reputation as a "One Man Boy Band", soft spoken and kind outside the ring, but with a physical bad boy side in the ring, and a dynamic energetic side that likes to have fun as well! They will meet one-on-one with the winner advancing to the 7-Man Championship Elimination Scramble to crown the first-ever Welterweight Champion on May 7!

Welterweight Wrestling welcomes... Ophidian!
Age: 30
Height: 5'7
Weight: 160lbs
Years Pro: 10
Hometown: The Snake Pit in Philadelphia, PA
"The Master of Snake Style" slithers into competition as one of the most seasoned performers in the field! Originally broken in under the tutelege of mat masters like Chris "Kassius Ohno" Hero and Mike Quackenbush, Ophidian has grown to be a world-traveled competitor who has trained in a half dozen different combat styles. His masked appearance doesn't just represent the respect upheld by the tradition of lucha libre, but a mindset and lifestyle as well. Ophidian is the master of "Snake Style" Lucha Libre - a hybrid of body-control-based offense, luch , knee strikes, and submission wrestling. He dons the visage of a cobra to embody its animalistic traits and characteristics. Ophidian is also known the world over for going viral a few years back, as a clip of one of his matches has literally been viewed millions of times! Whether it be on his own, or as one-half of The Osirian Portal, Ophidian has seen success everywhere he's gone, holding titles in multiple countries, and also currently passes on the knowledge he's accumulated as one of the head trainers of the Wrestle Factory training school. With a storied and unparallelled career already, could Ophidian make even more history by becoming the first Welterweight Champion?

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