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Welterweight Wrestling Update - Four Names Added To Roster - One Night Tournament To Crown Welterweight Champion Sunday, May 7 in Cleveland, OH

Open to all talents 185 lbs and under, the welterweights are to 2017 what the cruiserweights were to the 1990s - undersized and overlooked, but with a passion to prove they belong and are as good as, if not better, than anybody else!

"Mr. Money's Worth" Sammy Guevara was the first name announced for this event, which will be available worldwide via iPPV, on Sunday, May 7 at 5pm emanating from the famed Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH. The following four names were added to the roster this week:

"The Remix" Kevin Bennett
Age: 23
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs (or as he requests, "beats per minute")
Years Pro: 7
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Kevin Bennett is referred to as "The Remix", and not only does he live up to that name in the ring, he certainly does so outside as well. A rapper, producer, audio engineer, and all-around jack of all trades, there's really no facet of the music industry Kevin ISN'T a part of. While one cannot deny his talent in all fields, his smug and cocky demeanor and swagger make him just a tad overbearing to be around. Kevin's skills have taken him viral, as his performance of a rap song featuring the name of every Pokemon character was heard by at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. He's also seen success on-stage as the opening act for such well-known recording artists as Aaron Carter and Three 6 Mafia, but the lure of the stage hasn't diminished his ring goals, as he once left one of those concerts to immediately travel to a live wrestling event to wrestle, and defeat, Sonjay Dutt, with only a ten minute window to spare! Kevin has even found himself on WWE Monday Night Raw as, donned in a black security shirt, he faced the daunting task of standing between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. In over his head or not, Bennett brings the same over-confidence into everything he does, feeling he can "turn nothing into something and something into gold". Kevin is currently on a hot streak, as he took home a championship tournament trophy as recently as this past weekend! If he can live up to that mantra and keep his momentum, he'll be the first Welterweight Champion!

"Diamond Cut" Ace Perry
Age: 22
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175 lbs
Years Pro: 4
From: Indianapolis, IN
Ace Perry's passion has always been for pro wrestling, but he's also held a love and appreciation for all things related to boy bands. That's fitting, as Ace might as well be a one-man boy band, possessing all the traditional traits you'd see in the popular groups. Quiet, soft-spoken and shy outside of the ring, Ace lets his inner-bad-boy loose inside the ring as he turns up the aggression and intensity in a fearless and athletically awe-inspiring effort with each and every metaphorical note. When the battle is done, Ace isn't afraid to have fun as well, as he's frequently seen smiling and dancing and doing his best to entertain. In-ring, his passion has taken him far and wide from Indiana to Ohio to North Carolina to Georgia and Florida working diligently at honing his craft. Ace's travels have led to accolades such as a spot in a recent Ted Petty Invitational Tournament, and he's also begun to turn heads in Chicago's AAW promotion. A humble athlete with an incredible heart, Ace went viral a couple of years ago when he asked his #1 fan, a young girl battling autism, out to her prom. This act of kindness caught attention from around the world, but Ace didn't care as he was only concerned with his fan, not with publicity. Now, will it be Ace's time to make headlines for his in-ring exploits as he dances to the Welterweight Championship or will the curtain come down early for the man known as "Diamond Cut"? For Ace, he only wants to move in "one direction"... to the top!

"The New Age Plague" Gory
Age: 30
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lb
Years Pro: 13
From: Ogden Marsh, IA
Dark and demonic, Gory is known as "The New Age Plague" because he intends to "Infect the World" with the same evil, hatred, and pain that he has experienced throughout his life. Speaking of life, Gory has spent nearly half of his inside a ring... training since 16, Gory went on to see immediate success throughout the tri-state area, most notably the International Wrestling Cartel and PWO/PRIME Wrestling. Once known as Jason Gory, this macabre mat master shed his first name when he embraced evil, joining such sinister groups as The Dead Wrestling Society before leading his own factions such as The Headless Horsemen and The Culmination. Combining an array of lightning-fast offense with painful submissions and a fearlessness that often sees him use his own body as an offensive weapon, Gory is one of the most difficult opponents to prepare for. Gory's career has also taken him to Mexico, Canada, and stops in EVOLVE and CZW over the years, but the wrestling world has yet to fully experience the true terror Gory can provide. Will Welterweight Wrestling be the stage for the victim list and body count to grow, and for the Welterweight Championship to be held hostage by a disturbed and enraged entity?

Sonny Vice
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Years Pro: 3
From: Streetsboro, Ohio by way of Miami, FL
Sonny Vice is very calm, laid back, and soft-spoken in most settings, but he definitely has a wild side to him as well. An accomplished amateur wrestler for six years of his youth, the disciplined regimen soon grew bore-some for Sonny who sought out the more unpredictable party scene for kicks on the side, and soon found himself ostracized from his team. Realizing that may not have been the best environment for him, Sonny gravitated to pro wrestling, where he can kick ass, have fun, and be himself all at the same time. Since then, Sonny has worked diligently to prove that while he's all about a good time, he takes the wrestling business very seriously. A passion of his since youth, Vice is now able to live out his dream, and continuously silence doubters and critics who consider him too small or take his laid-back mood lightly. When Sonny Vice turns up the volume, he can be absolutely explosive in the ring!
Kevin Bennett, Ace Perry, Gory, & Sonny Vice are now officially welterweights! They will take part in "Welterweight Wrestling" on Sunday, May 7 live in Cleveland, OH and broadcast across the world via iPPV. Tickets can be purchased now at iPPV ordering information coming soon!

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