Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Axeman Speaks: Goodbye Tony "The Weasel" Watts

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I know. It has been over a year since I updated this column. Since leaving Mississippi I have not been involved in pro wrestling, so I simply quit writing this column. Why write about something I am not involved in and do not keep up with much anymore....

With that said, there is now something I have to say.

I have made mistakes in my life, lots of them. Never, however, have I regretted a mistake more than the one I made a couple of weeks ago while I was in Mississippi. I had planned to take the long way home and go through Southaven and visit an old and dear friend, Tony Watts.

Certain events transpired at home, and I decided I needed to postpone my visit and return home to St. Louis. I decided to wait to visit Tony until I was in Mississippi again in three weeks. I sincerely regret that decision, because Tony passed away a few days later.

Tony was a friend. We made many, many road trips together to various wrestling events in Arkansas, Tennessee, and all over Mississippi. He was quite a character. He always had something funny to say. In wrestling, he was quite a referee, even if he was, at times, the crookedest referee in the business. He always said, "I am gonna call it straight down the middle." His definition of "middle" was different from most people's definition, lol, and I gave him the nickname "Weasel." I always introduced him as Tony "The Weasel" Watts, or "The man whose nose arrives ten minutes before the rest of him, Tony The Weasel Watts." He always had some wise crack to make back at me, and we would argue back and forth all during the show. Fun times.

After his refereeing days, Tony was involved in wrestling as an owner and promoter at XOW wrestling, where he and I actually announced together sometimes. Those were fun times.

So many memories... DWA in Ecru at the fire station, XOW, DCW, JWS, EPW, SGWA, TFW, and the list goes on, and so do the memories.

Tony Watts, you will be missed. I am sorry I did not visit you when I had the chance. I will always regret that decision. Fly high, Tony "The Weasel" Watts. Thank you for being my friend. Rest in peace. And thanks for the memories.


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