Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sleezy's Deathmatch Spotlight with Josh Crane! (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Welcome to Sleezy's Deathmatch Spotlight. 
Deathmatch Wrestling is something​ near and dear to my heart, so I have decided to dive into the minds of the mad men of ultraviolence. 
To bring you the fans some insite on what exactly the art form of deathmatch is, and to maybe teach some nay Sayers about​ why a part of Wrestling fan absolutely love deathmatch. 

My first guest is up and coming deathmatch wrestler Josh Crane, a young man with a huge future ahead, and proving his toughness and earning his place with every single match he competes in. I would like to thank him and you, so now let's gets to the interview. 

Q. First of all, for those who don't know, who is Josh Crane?

A. To put it very simply Josh Crane is a professional wrestler who can do ALL styles,but has a particular passion for Deathmatches. Clear Minded, Ultraviolent, and considers himself an unsung hero of the sport.

Q. How did you get into the wrestling business?

A.  This one is not the best story ever. When I was 12 or so an old family friend found out I was into wrestling, turns out he was a wrestler in the 90s and knew a guy in Indianapolis that ran a school and a company. So the next summer when I was 13(!) I officially started training. Just a few years later I joined the 1st and only class of the CZW Dragon Den under Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz

Q. Have you always wanted to be a deathmatch wrestler?

A. I have almost always  wanted to be a deathmatch wrestler. It wasn't until i was about 10 that I discovered it via the bonus features of the backyard wrestling game. That exposed me to CZW,BJW and IWA MS. Madman Pondo was like my idol for quite a while after that. I didn't know much at that point,  but I wanted to be a deathmatch wrestler

Q. What is it about deathmatch that draws you to it?

A. A lot of things draw me to deathmatches. One of the main things being that when it's done properly it can illustrate the story of a seemingly broken person come back from the unthinkable. I was brought up in a very un-savory situation growing up,so much so it still plagues me to this day. But being in that situation as a child I didn't believe in super heroes because they wernt real and couldn't help,  and the "real" heroes in uniform never seemed to help,so discovering wrestling and deathmatch in particular it showed me in essence that YOU and your own hero. And that just because you seemed broken on the outside,on the inside you are far from it.

Q.  Pro Wrestling is obviously an art form, and within the same relm deathmatch is it's art form all of its own. Some people consider it blood and guts, do you feel deathmatch is a tool to further the wrestling business creatively?

A. I think anything can be really. I love deathmatch wrestling so obviously I think it's amazing but not everyone believes it. I think deathmatches will always have their place. Just like comedy/character wrestling. I personally don't care for it,but it has a market and it has it's place. Professional wrestling of any genre,as long as it's got a positive end goal,will help progress the wrestling business. 

Q. How different is your mindset going into a deathmatch than a regular match?

A.  MIndset is definitely different. For example I'm currently training the hardest I've ever trained for Carnage Cup 11 in 2 weeks. If I go as far as I'd like I could be wrestling 3 matches against a total of 5 opponents. So I'm training physically very hard. Then there's the mental aspect. Unlike any other style of wrestling I have to really place emphasis of "be as safe as possible" but at the same time do the work that i need to do. 

Q. When and how did you discover deathmatch?

A  I kinda already answered this in a combination of Questions 3 and 4 haha. I probably should glanced over the question before answering. 

Q. Who are your biggest inspirations in the ring?

 A. I have many inspirations. Deathmatch and otherwise. My trainers Drake and Scotty are huge inspirations. Matt Tremont became a important part of my career. Madman Pondo obviously,being the 1st I ever saw. With that being Said BJW guys like Kasai,Takeda and takashi sasaki have been consistent influences. Danny havoc has been huge,Nick Gage,Masada,Ron Mathis. Pure wrestling there is also a plethora,but off the top Sami Callihan,OI4K,Jon Gresham,Chris Hero,CM Punk,Bryan Danielson,it just goes on and on and on for me haha

Q. What is your favorite thing about deathmatch?

A. Too many things. I like that it's different,I like the element of danger. Most of all I think I like when a nice story is told in the match combined with the right amount of violence.

Q.  Thank you for your time, how can people find you and find you on upcoming bookings?

A. Thank you for having me and giving me a platform to tell my story and who I am. Bookings can be by contacting me on Facebook as Josh Crane or contacting my business email at trueaimprinting@gmail.com


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