Friday, April 21, 2017

Sleezy's Deathmatch Spotlight with John Rare! (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Welcome to Sleezy's Deathmatch Spotlight.

Deathmatch Wrestling is something​ near and dear to my heart, so I have decided to dive into the minds of the mad men of ultraviolence.

To bring you the fans some insite on what exactly the art form of deathmatch is, and to maybe teach some nay Sayers about​ why a part of Wrestling fans absolutely love deathmatch wrestling.

This issues guest is the mysterious and infamous John Rare. A IWA Deep South mainstay, has been making people talk ever since his debut. His matches are always taken to the next level and he is a man that admittedly trys to raise the bar in every single deathmatch he takes part it. I'd like to thank him and you, now let's get to the interview

Q. First or all thank you for taking your time to answer some questions for us. Before anything, who is John Rare? 

A. I'm a deep south wrestler just a kid living his dream. I work a lot of hours at my main job so I'm mainly just stay in the south.

Q. How and when did you get into the wrestling business?

A. I started backyard wrestling when I was 16 moved Alabama continue to do it and got noticed bye two different promoters and that's how I got my foot in the door.

Q. When did you discover deathmatch wrestling and what about it drew you to it?
A. I was watching a VHS tape called strangle Mania and it had Mick Foley and Terry Funk in Japan doing deathmatches. Once I seen that I started getting into the hardcore backyard wrestling and it was just something that knew I wanted to do.

Q. What is it about deathmatch, in your opinion, that draws such a commitment and honest fan base?
A. It's not fake you can go out there and have a regular match and everybody knows that it's choreographed in that it's planned but whenever you put those weapons out there and you start bleeding and you give it all for the fans they feel that they're treated way better that they're not giving a half a show. Here in the Deep South we have some of the most loyal and best Deathmatch fanbase that I know of.

Q. 20 years from now people will still be talking about the SAW deathmatches between you and spider boodrow, did you see the series of matches making such an impact?
A. I didn't see it making that much of an impact but when I look back now at the past five years and see what we've done I understand why people have made such a big deal out of it and honestly it's probably became one of the greatest
rivalries in IWA.

Q. You've made a big impression on the deathmatch world in a short time, what do you contribute that to?

A. Trying to steal the show every night and trying to be more innovated to do newer stuff and stuff it just hasn't been done. Getting thrown into razor wire getting thrown on razor wire and all the extreme stuff that I put my body through has made people notice.

Q. Who are your biggest influences on your work in the ring?

A. I would say Mick Foley. Phone Jeff Hardy Rob Van Dam got to be my favorite wrestlers that I tried to use my moves to emulate their old style.

Q. Where is the line drawn when it comes to a deathmatch, or is there one?

A.  There definitely is one but we try to push it every year I was asked to even do a spot with rock salt and a shotgun and of course I turned that down...

9. What is the main goal in this business for John Rare? Where I'm at now I'd like to to try to be the first person ever to win  Carnage cup twice but then you're always following one of the most known wrestlers in the Deep South Freak Show to try to stand up to his legacy that he's left is something that's very hard to do..

10. Thank you again for your time, where can people find you and do you have any upcoming bookings you'd like to mention? Carnage cup 11 April 29th Iron City Tennessee..

Viewer discresion advised

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