Thursday, April 13, 2017

Results From Sunday's Memphis Lucha Libre Wrestling Featuring Former WWE Superstar & Current Lucha Underground Champion, Johnny Mundo

Opening Match-Ken Dang vs "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop Kage-The official for the night was "The Most Entertaining Referee" and everyone's favorite, C-Lo Banks-Dang started off chopping Bishop until Bishop nailed him with a vicious clothesline.  Bishop with a big bodyslam and after splashing Dang in the corner yelled, "Lunchtime!"  Dang fired back with a bicycle kick before being on the receiving end of yet another clothesline from hell by Bishop.  Dang would mount a comeback, serving up a blue thunder bomb.  In the end, Bishop hit Dang with his steel chain to get himself disqualified.  Your winner by disqualification, Ken Dang!!!

2nd Match-2 out of 3 Falls-Atomico Sr. & Atomico Jr. vs Golden Dragon & Traidor-The Atomicos won the first fall.  The two sides had a quick dance off in between the first and second fall.  Golden Dragon and Traidor won the second fall.  There was a lady in the crowd that was getting all over Golden Dragon and Traidor.  I couldn't understand what she was screaming, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't very nice.  In the third and final fall, action spilled outside the ring.  Traidor got the third and decisive pinfall after kicking Atomico Sr. down low and then rolling him up.  Your winners, Golden Dragon & Traidor!!!

3rd Match-Jr. X Division-Rey Bambino vs Super Aguilia-Super Aguilia took the first fall by making Bambino tap out with a single leg crab.  Sitting ringside, RC Liberty Man was having words with Bambino throughout the match.  Bambino tied things up by picking up the second fall with a springboard splash.  Super Aguilia would pick up the third and final fall with a lionsault.  Your winner, Super Aguilia!!!  Following the match, fans tossed dollars inside the ring in support of these youngsters from Texas.

4th Match-"Furia Azteca" The Team of Rey Fury & Alex Cruz vs Skayde Sr. & Big Skayde-Fast pace, action packed beginning with Rey Fury's suicide dive out on Skayde Sr. and Big Skayde on the floor.  Cruz followed with a running flip off the apron on both.  The fans love Furia Azteca.  Alex Cruz caught Big Skayde with a leaping reverse STO, which was followed by a top rope froggy elbow drop by Rey Fury to get the one, two, three!!!  Your winners, Rey Fury & Alex Cruz, Furia Azteca!!!

5th Match-Alan Steel vs Antonio Garza-Alan Steel walked to the ring, waving Old Glory while Antonio Garza brought the Flag of Mexico.  After several minutes going back and forth, hold for hold, Garza extended his right hand.  Steel was reluctant at first, asking the fans what he should do.  After thinking it over, Steel extended his left hand.  Garza questioned why he was using that hand, in which Steel responded, "Wrestling is left side."  As Garza was shaking his hand, Steel rocked him with a brutal elbow to the face that echoed throughout the Tropicana.  Steel took a bow and shouted, "Are you trying to show me up, Garza?!"  The intensity level hit the max at this point as things got real serious, real fast.  Steel with a delayed vertical suplex which seemed like he held him up for days.  However, on the second attempt Garza countered with a neckbreaker.  Garza caught Steel running the ropes with a RKO.  After a series of rollup pinfall attempts by both combatants, Garza got the three count with the la magistral cradle.  Your winner, Antonio Garza!!!  Following the match, Alan Steel grabbed the mic and said, "Antonio Garza, I'm not going to stand here and pretend that I can speak Spanish.  Because I sure as hell can't do that.  In any language you're one hell of a stand up guy and a professional wrestler.  I tried.  I gave everything I had and I came up short.  You are a superstar.  You are worldwide.  The picture of a professional wrestler.  Garza, I can't praise you enough.  Words alone don't do it.  All I can do is show you."  Alan Steel shook Antonio Garza's hand and they embraced in the center of the ring.  Those two veterans put on a clinic that stole the show.  In my opinion, they had the match of the night.

Main Event-Skayde Jr. vs Lucha Underground Champion, Johnny Mundo-Johnny Mundo walked out to the classic Journey hit, "Any Way You Want It."  Crowd went crazy chanting, "Johnny Mundo!"  Johnny grabbed the mic, saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, the longer I'm in this business the more times like these mean to me personally.  My opponent is from Mexico.  I'm born and raised in the United States and in my opinion there is nothing like lucha libre to bring two cultures together.  But I don't think you guys all came for this heartwarming moment.  I think everybody came here to see me take this dude to Slamtown!"  Fans chanted, "Slamtown!"  Johnny's parkour training and insane agility was showcased in the early moments of the match with a springboard elbow drop from the apron.  Out on the floor, Skayde Jr. drove Johnny into the ring post.  Skayde Jr. would continue his attack by hitting Mundo with a chair and then choking him with it.  Johnny would mount a comeback, delivering a shining wizard, followed by a standing shooting star press and a flying Chuck springboard roundhouse kick.  Skayde Jr. would fire back dropping Johnny on his head with a variation of the Steiner screwdriver.  Skayde Jr. tried to lock in a submission, but Johnny shouted, "Not today!  Not here in Memphis!"  Johnny caught Skayde Jr. with the Moonlight Drive corkscrew neckbreaker.  Johnny went up to the top rope, but Skayde Jr. pushed Referee C-Lo into Johnny, who jumped over C-Lo.  Skayde Jr. kicked Johnny low while C-Lo's back was turned and then nailed him with a superkick.  Two count.  Skayde Jr. placed Johnny on the top turnbuckle for a superplex attempt, but Johnny blocked it and knocked him down.  Johnny Mundo finished Skayde Jr. with his signature End of the World split-legged corkscrew moonsault.  Your winner, Johnny Mundo!!!

This was my first time experiencing a Memphis Lucha Libre Wrestling event.  It was a fun show with a great atmosphere.  I look forward to catching more shows in the future.

Be sure and check out the trailer of Johnny's new movie, Boone: The Bounty Hunter below that is scheduled to drop on VOD May 9th.  Johnny personally told me that he's been working on this project for the past four years.  Johnny wrote and produced this film. 

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