Sunday, April 16, 2017

MACW Spring Mayhem results 4/15/17 Jonesboro, Arkansas

Results courtesy of MACW officials.

New Heavyweight and Tag Team Champions were crowned. Dirty Lil' Dave had to wear a dress, Handsome Jimmy Valiant was inducted into the MACW Hall of Fame, in front of a sold out crowd at the MACW Arena last night at Spring Mayhem! 

It was standing room only at the MACW Arena in Jonesboro, AR Saturday night. And Spring Mayhem started off with a Hall of Fame ceremony as MACW owner Craig Stone, and Dewayne Stone inducted "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant into the Mid- American Championship Wreslting Hall of Fame. 

In the first match it was Mike Anthony over Ray Ray in a No Disqualification / Anything goes match. 

The second match of the night was a fatal 4 way in which Matthew McNamara was victorious over Conner Vega, Brandon Barber, and Kee Awesome. 

In the third match the Woman showed there skills. As Aria Alexander took on Emily Syler. Aria wowed the crowd in her very first match but it wasn't enough as Emily landed one of her deadly kicks and remains undefeated with the win. 

The fourth match was for the MACW Diamond State Championship. Johnny Premeir really took it to the Russian powerhouse. But took one to many high risk moves and Norman Meklakov capitalized. Still your Diamond State Champion Norman Meklakov. 

The five match was for the MACW Tag Team Championships, and was a Brass Knuckles on a pole match. Between Lethal Injection and Champions MVC's Idol Bane and Big Mean Vic. 
This was an all out war but with a little help from Mike Anthony Lethal Injection came out on top. Your new MACW Tag Champions the Lethal Injection. 

The first Main Event was a loser wears a dress match as Handsome Jimmy Valiant took on Dirty Lil' Dave with Sexy Sam Dollar. This was an instant classic. But in the end it was Handsome Jimmy on top. So as Craig Stone had order not only Dirty Lil' Dave but also Sexy Sam Dollar had to wear a dress after several minutes of protest Handsome Jimmy finally got them both in dresses. 

The second Main Event was for the MACW Championship between champion Derrick King and fan favorite Action Jackson. After a great contest and several failed interference attempts by Matthew McNamara, Action Jackson hit a blockbuster and got the win. And New MACW Heavyweight Champion Action Jackson. 

MACW's next event is 4/29/17 8pm at MACW Arena 5355 Hwy. 1 South in Jonesboro, AR. 

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