Sunday, April 23, 2017

                                                B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                                                      Saturday April 22, 2017

Match 1: El Jabroni III vs Hunter Havoc
Big Hunter took control early with a huge shoulder tackle , two huge clubs  to the back, and a couple of stomps. He slaps Jabroni's chest hard. Hunter follows with a sidewalk slam. Jabron 3 tries to punch and kick his way back in. He even lands a kick to Hunter's face. Hunter shakes it off and gives Jabroni a big scoop slam and follows with a giant leg drop for the 1,2,3!!!!

Match 2: Max Rage vs Ace ( Full Deck)
Max kicks Ace hard early and Ace goes to the floor. Back in ring Ace punches Rage . Rage lands a huge flying-clothesline. Ace goes to the floor. They fight outside and Roll back in. Ace kicks Rage hard and nails him with a quick DDT. Ace stomps and hits a reverse elbow. He follows with a Ric Rude hangmen-style neck-breaker. He finishes with a fishermen brain-buster for the 1,2,3!!! Ace prevails.

Match 3: Maverick vs Michael Robinson
This feud has been brewing since these former Tag Team Champs went their separate ways. Mike Robinson runs around and avoids Maverick the whole match. Maverick catches him with a clothesline. Mike gets Maverick in a headlock on the ropes. Maverick chops the living hell out of Mike Robinson's chest. Outside the ring, Maverick chops Mike hard twice. Maverick chases after Mike all around the arena while the ref counts. Right before the 10 count Michael Robinson slides into the ring . Your winner by count out , Michael Robinson.

Match 4: The M.O.E. vs DJ Brown
They go for a handshake but DJ punches Moe. Moe punches back but DJ counters with a huge arm drag followed by a drop-kick. DJ punches wild and clotheslines. Moe returns the favor. DJ back suplexes Moe hard and gives him a back drop. 1,2...DJ Chokes and Superkicks  Moe comes back with an elbow but DJ counters with a kick and a flipping neck-breaker off the top rope. 1,2... Moe puts his foot on the ropes. DJ tries a suplex but Moe reverses it.DJ tries a flipping bridge for the pin. 1,2....Moe lands a back kick to the face. Somehow the ref was inadvertantly hit during the action. Bishop runs out and comes in the ring. Kage holds up DJ but Moe kicks Kage when DJ ducks. Dzj wraps up Moe in a small package. 1,2,3!!!! DJ Brown prevails.

Before the next match Lexx and Marco Rose get into a heated argument. The crowd chants for Lexx to attack Marco. Marco acts like a chicken until big Hunter comes out to protect him. Lexx challenges Hunter to a match right then and there. Lexx gets in the ring and takes off his shirt. C-Lo gets in the ring. Hunter and Marco punk out and head to the back.

Main Event: Pure Power vs Steel Kage (The Mercenaries)
Pure Power dominated early. V-Man punches and clotheslines twice. Charles Ray tags in. He gives Kage a hard shoulder tackle., a giant leg drop, beats his back, slaps his chest, and clotheslines again. V. Comes back in with a reverse chin-lock. Alan tags in. V-Man stomps , backdrops, and punches. Charles comes in with two shoulder rams and a power-slam .1,2....V comes in. Alan head-butts his stomach. Kage comes in and slaps V hard. V retaliated with a scissors kick. Charles tags in. Alan punches him 4 times but Charles punches back. Alan delivers a hard back-elbow. V and Alan are in. Alan dies an oriental throat -jab. Kage comes in with a big slam and a splash. Kage chops V hard. Kage clotheslines 1,2....Alan comes in with a reverse headlock. Kage comes in to punch V but hits Steel. They attempt a double choke slam on Steel but Moe comes out and distracts. Lexx attacks Moe on the outside. Ace runs in. The ref signals for the bell. Pure Power wins by DQ. Afterwarsds Lexx is attacked and his leg is keyed in on. Is the King of Pow ok? Things are definitely heating up at #RSWF.

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