Tuesday, April 18, 2017

                                                          B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                                                                    Saturday April 15

The night starts out with The Mercenaries coming out talking crap. Alan Steel says there was Lawler's Army, The First Family..... The Mercenaries are the best wrestling stable ever.  Pure Power comes out and clears the ring. Then Full Deck comes out.  Wild action before a match even starts.

Match 1: The M.O.E. vs D'Mone ( Easter egg opens and reveals it is a loser leave RSWF for 60 days match)

This little feud has been brewing for weeks now. D'Mone gets an early advantage with a shoulder block, Power-slam, stomach stand, and a hurling of Moe over the top. Moe attacks D'Mone's hurt leg and DDTs it. D-Mone drops Moe on his knee. Moe returns the favor. When the ref is turned Moe misses with a chain but somehow hits D'Mone with a code-breaker for the 1,2,3.


Match 2: Michael Robinson vs James Bundy ( egg reveals a submission match)

Bundy really gives Mike a run for his money. They bitch slap each other early. Mike R. applies several arm bars but no surrender. Bundy suplexes Mike hard and applies his own arm bar. He nails Mike with a Viscious gut-wrench face-buster. Mike lands a basement dropkick. Bundy comes back with s big Samoan Drop. Mike manages another a bar and this time it's too much . Bundy taps out. Your winner by submission- Michael Robinson.

Match 3: Maverick vs Hunter Havoc

Maverick really dominates this match . Two shoulder block attempts by Hunter hurt him more than Maverick. Mav goes HAM and knife-edge-chops 3-times, corner clotheslines, 10 punches, and Stinger splashes Hunter. Everything is going big Maverick's way until some Top-Gun music starts playing and Michael Robinson comes out wearing a leather flight jacket and aviators. Maverick is distracted and when he turns around , Hunter gives him a huge power slam for the 1,2,3!!!  Maverick is mad as hell at Michael Robinson. He hollers for Mike to come back out. This feud is really heating up.

Match 4:  RSWF Southern Heavyweight Champion Bishop Kage vs Max Rage

Kage tells Rage to just lay down and take the 3 count. After 2 Rage kicks out. Kage misses a slap and Rage hits him with a hard drop kick. Kage drops Rage's neck across the ropes. Kage chest slaps Rage hard twice. Kage spears Rage hard and gets the easy 1,2,3!!!!

Match 5:Main Event.  Pure Power vs Full Deck

This match starts off like a bunk-house brawl. They fight in and out of the ring using chains , chairs, and ghetto kicks to the head. The first fall comes quickly and goes to Full Deck after V-Man gets hit hard in the head with a chain. Ace DDTs V hard. He chokes V out. V recovers and hits Joker with a huge sidewalk-slam. V gets the 1,2,3 and the second pin-fall. All tied up now. Charles Ray comes in and shoulder tackles Joker twice.  Hunter Havoc walks out and Joker looks towards him. When he turns around he is the recipient of a Pure Power double choke slam. 1,2,3!!! Pure Power with another victory.

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