Tuesday, April 11, 2017

                                            B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown
                                                              Sat April 8th, 2017

The L.A. Hustlers come out and challenge Full Deck to one more match, loser leaves town to happen as the semi-main event later in the night. They say they battled in a street fight but this time they want to wrestle. Full Deck accepts.

Match1:Hunter Havoc vs James Bond Dean
Bonds comes out kicking . Hunter catches him and choke-slams.Hunter throws him out the ring by the hair. Bondy hits a drop-kick. Hunter lands a big fore-arm. Bondy hits a double-knee to Hunter's face.Max Rage appears outside the ring. Hunter hits a side-walk slam followed by a huge leg drop for the 1,2,3!!!!

Match 2:  The M.O.E. vs D'Mone
This is a long going feud between 2 top RSWF superstars. Before the match even starts Bishop Kage runs out and jumps D'Mone. Moe kicks and beats D'Mone and puts him in a headlock. He chokes D'Mone with a t-shirt. He puts a figure-four on D'Mone and then slams his leg hard on the apron. Moe goes to the top rope but D'Mone kicks him off. D'Mone manages to apply a viscous sharp-shooter Moe escapes and they end up battling outside the ring until both men are counted out. Result Double DQ.

Match 3: Pure Power vs Michael Robinson and Maverick
Pure Power comes out but only Michael Robinson comes out to fight. The match proceeds. Charles works Mike over with 4 shoulder rams in the corner. He clotheslines and tags V-Man. They double-team shoulder block. V gives a deadly vertical suplex. Charles comes in and they double suplex. He gives Mike a back elbow and a giant leg drop. V comes in and bear-hug slams Mike hard into the corner. V comes in and sidewalk-slams..V puts a figure-4 on. Charles comes in and slingshots Mike's chest and neck into the bottom rope. He slaps Mikes chest hard. Maverick finally comes out. After hesitating he eventually tags in. He goes wild clotheslining and Stinger-Splashing. V comes in and attacks. Maverick tries to tag but Mike refuses . When Mav turns around , he is treated to a Double Choke-Slam. Your winners-Pure Power

Match 4: Full Deck vs The L.A. Hustlers (loser leaves town)
Notorious starts off jumping Joker and beating him silly. Roughshot comes in and they double-suplex. Rough knee drops and twists Joke's arm . Notorious comes in and kicks Joker 's shoulder. Roughshot comes back in and gives some super high hip-tosses.Ace finally comes in and DDTs Roughshot. Joker and Ace double-team face slam.Ace covers 1,2....Ace and Joker double spinebuster Roughshot. Joker delivers an RKO out of nowhere. Roughshot puts a weird submission hold on Joker but he escapes only to feel a super kick. Notorious comes in and starts punching and choking. When C-Lo's back is turned Ace hits with brass knuckles. 1,2,3!!! Your cheating winners Full Deck

Overload 2-Ring Battle Royal
This was too wild to keep up with . Everybody in the building jumped in on this includeing a funky Gorilla. It featured the return of D.J.Brown. In the end , the last two competitors remaining were Charles Ray and V-Man. They bucked up against each other but eventually hugged. V-Man climbs over the top rope and lets Charles Ray win. He goes and grabs the belt and hands it to Charles. Charles is your new RSWF Heavyweight Champ.

Main Event: TNA Superstar "Moose" vs Bishop Kage (for The Southern Heavyweight Championship)
Kage jumps Moose at the get go. Moose attacks Kage and he goes to the floor . Moose climbs out and head butts Kage's chest . Moose kicks Kage's face  and slams him on the apron hard. Kage slams Moose' head into a pole and slaps his chest hard. He gives a chop-block to big Moose. 1,2...He attacks Moose's leg. Kage puts a strange figure-4 on Moose around the pole. Kage keeps working the leg for a long time. Kage lands a big body-splash. He drop-kicks Moose's leg on the ropes. Kage suplexes Moose . Kage goes to the top rope but Moose jumps all the up and drop-kicks him off to the floor. After fighting outside the both stumble into the ring. Kage catches big Moose with a spear. 1,2...Kage hits another suplex. Moose recovers and spears Kage. 1,2... Moe pulls leg. Moose kicks Kage in the face. Moose tries to slam Kage but his leg gives out and Kage lands on top. 1,2,3!! Your winner is Bishop Kage. Cheating winner that is. The M.O.E. was holding Moose's legs the whole time.

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