Monday, March 20, 2017

Ultimate Championship Pro Wrestling South

My ChokeSlam report for UCPWS March Madness
Sunday afternoon March 19th Holly Springs Ms.
Calling the action was the "Masked M.C." as always did a great job of calling the action.

I will start off by saying this show is getting better and better each show. always plenty of talent on hand. if you didn't enjoy March Madness then you my friend are not a wrestling fan.
Now i must take a moment to Brag on the concession its AWESOME! i gain weight every time i go.

Super Brown vs Prince Adonis.. this turned into a triple threat match with Dj Brown joining in on the action. quickly became a competition on who was the tougher of the browns the younger or elder. slaps chops dropkicks slams great action from all 3 of these wrestler. just as the Prince looks like things are going his way "SUPER BROWN" makes his transformation and comes in and gets the win.

HollyHood brings T I P out to conduct a interview with Crazy Jack.. T I P is asking if this a joke as the the commissioner turns it in a singles match. Crazy Jack waste no time as he plants T I P like a flower with a vicious DDT.  Crazy Jack gets the win

Dj Menace vs Andy Mack for the lightweight championship... this was a fast paced match plenty of high flying action until Dj was blasted with the belt from outside interference then a twist was thrown into the mix Andy Mack was also blasted with the belt and dj menace was pulled on top of Andy for the win. the commissioner wouldnt let it end that way with a DQ Mack retained the title.

The Shadow vs Chris Ward... huge masked shadow and chris ward beat and battled each other alot of action out of these 2 guys. just as the match has reached its peak ward was going in for the kill when none other then the ICE MAN Chris Austin jumped in and attacked Ward and dished out a cpl of vicious stunners to ward. this feud i believe has come to a head and Austin and Ward will tear the place apart the next time they meet.

XXL vs White always these guys shook the ring fist elbows slams pele kicks in the ring and outside of the ring no health concerns were considered here they laid it all out for the fans dives over the top ropes took out both members of XXL later on in the match white boy lands a tornado DDT then the tables turn and XXL get in the finishing blow and walk away with the titles

American Punishers vs The Renegades Kevin Bless and Ken Dang... the punishers held on for a little while and dished out some punishment of there own but the formed team of the Renegades have operated very well as a tag team and pretty much controlled the match. Bless finished the punisher off with a modified version of a facebuster assisted by Ken Dang.  Renegades get the win

Armstrong vs Nemesis w/Tommy Jax in his corner... under advisement from the voice Tommy Jax to armstrong not to go with this match Armstrong ignored the gesture.  great match they beat the hell out of each other Armstrong held his own for a while until the high knee Nemesis has made famous in his matches has taken its toll on Armstrong.. Nemesis finished him off with a modified version of a suplex into a back breaker. after the match Jax and Armstrong talk it out in the ring and shook hands only to have armstrong pick up jax in a firemans carry and dropped strait down to a knee to the face jax is out ... but wait its not over yet Nemesis come to the ring and helps Jax up on his knees only o be on the wrong end of a running high knee to the face. Jax was left lifeless in the ring later to be carried out.  not a great night for Jax Inc.

If you havent been to UCPWS my friend then your missing out.

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