Tuesday, March 14, 2017

                                                   B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                                                           Sat March 11, 2016

The cold and snow didn't keep away the RSWF Faithful as we had a pretty good crowd on hand for some hot wrestling action. 5 big matches gave the fans what they crave.

Match 1: Hunter Havock vs Max Rage
Max tries to jump Hunter with a series of punches and ineffective kicks. Hunter simply picks Max up,, side walk-slams him, and gives him a huge leg-drop. 1,2,3!!! Your winner is Hunter Havock. After the match the crowd chants for more and Hunter body slams Max and leg drops him again.

Match 2: Joker (Full Deck) vs Rough-Shot (The L.A. Hustlers)
These 2 have been feuding and calling each other out for weeks on social media. Rough  Shot jumps , punches, and stomps the hell out of Joker to start. Joker returns the favor. Rough shot gets in a good snap suplex. When it looks like Rough Shot had the upper hand, Ace runs in and attacks. The ref gives the DQ win to Roughshot. Finally Notorious runs and breaks it up. The stage is set for a tag team War in the main event .

Match 3:D-Mone vs The M.O.E.
Moe jumps D-Mone immediately and destroys his leg by slamming it against the metal pole.. He stomps and attacks D-Mones leg over and over, even giving him a leg DDT.  D'Mone grabs a mic " you smell like runny doo-doo from a whale!" Moe continues the damage. D'Mone tries a small package but Moe kicks out. D'Mone somehow puts a twisting submission hold on Moe but The Mercenaries come out and put and end to it fast. Winner by DQ D'Mone.

Match 4:Maverick and Mike Robinson vs Steel Kage
Mav and Alan Steel tie up. After a series of reversing hammer, wrist, and headlocks , Alan knees Mav hard and should tackles him. Mav back elbows and makes Alan roll around the ring like a bearded bowling ball. Mav goes wild punching, kicking, chopping , and clotheslining. Kage comes in.Mav, punches and side-walking slams, Mike R. Comes in and gives a running knee in the corner. Kage slaps Mike hard. Kage throws Mike across the ring. Moe comes out ringside. Alan gives Mike a falling head butt to the back. Kage comes back in. He clotheslines Mike. 1,2....Everyone gets in the ring. Kage spears Mav out of nowhere and goes for the cover. 1,2,3!!! It was a non title match.

Match 5: Main Event----Full Deck vs The L.A. HUSTLERS
This one was brewing for weeks with trash talk coming mostly from Full Deck. Full Deck jumps and destroys the Hustlers early. Ace even drops Rough Shot on the ring steps. Rough comes back by giving Ace a huge hip toss. Notorious comes in with a prison-yard clothesline. He starts punching Old School style about 5 times. Roughshot back in gets eye raked by Ace. Rough puts an old school Russian Leg Sweep on Ace. 1,2....Notorious and Joker in.The Hustlers give Joker a double Atomic Elbow. Roughshot puts out a virtual cigarrrte on Jokers face. Joker DDTs and gains control. He kicks Roughshot's 🥜. Ace jabs Notorious with a piece of splintered wood. Joker snap suplexes Roughshot.
Ace gives Roughshot a Rude Awakening followed by a Fusherman's Brainbuster. Notorious runs in and attacks everyone. Then the action gets wild as hell on the outside. They start chasing each other all the way back by the bathrooms . All of a sudden Roughshot comes flying through the air and takes out like 3 rows of metal chairs. Some ladies purse spilt out tampons and lipstick everywhere. They fought everywhere and destroyed all the chairs on that whole side. Full Deck runs outside and escapes like chickens. The Hustlers get mad and holler for Full Deck to come back out or they ain't leaving. Notorious throws chairs hard like a raging maniac. The crowd is turnt up on all 10s!!! Woooooo !!! Full Deck never returns. A double count out no decision. This feud is far from over.


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