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Main Event Pro-Wrestling Packs Wolverine Arena

MANSFIELD, LA (WNC) - Main Event Pro-Wrestling held their monthly wrestling event on March 18, 2017 at the Wolverine Arena located at the Mansfield High School. Where a portion of the proceeds went to benefit the Mansfield HS Student Union and Baseball/Softball Teams.

Fans from across Desoto Parish flocked to the Wolverine Arena to support Main Event Pro- Wrestling and numbers from the wrestling company indicate just over 1,000 fans in attendance. Several sections originally cordoned off for filming purposes, had to be opened to accommodate the flood of people pouring into the arena. 

Before the event started, Main Event Pro-Wrestling conducted a LIVE pre-show broadcast via their Facebook page to promote to those who had yet to arrive at 5:30pm. During the pre-show, Vice President of Main Event Pro-Wrestling Aaron Presley, would be interrupted by wrestler Flex Muscles who would later take to the ring and compete in a pre-show match with The Ultimate G.

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Flex Muscles would gain a victory against The Ultimate G and fans would continue to pour in for the next half hour. 

The at capacity crowd had finally filled the arena before the scheduled bell time of 6:00pm and were ready for wrestling action. The show began after the television promotional video that indicated the show was beginning. Opening the show was Ring Announcer Terrence Ward, who entered the ring and welcomed the crowd to the Wolverine Arena. 

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Ward would begin to excite the fans talking about the matches that were set to take place at the arena, including the Main Event Match that would see the Main Event Pro-Wrestling Tag Team Championship on the line. Ward then would turn his attention towards the veterans in the crowd asking all current and former United States Armed Forces Personnel to stand and be recognized for being heroes of our Nation. Ward would personally thank each veteran for their service and would ask all in attendance to join our nations veterans for the National Anthem. Ward introduced Talisha Wilcott, as she would lead in the singing of the National Anthem.

Following the National Anthem, Ward would thank the sponsors of that nights event and introduce the Vice President of Main Event Pro-Wrestling Aaron Presley. VP Presley would welcome the crowd to the event and thanked them for their support of the Main Event brand and invited them to follow them @OfficialMEPW on all social media platforms, including FITE TV where Main Event Pro-Wrestling will begin posting videos and PPV's starting April 22, 2017, in Meridian, TX. He would also go on to add that he had still not found opponents for Action Jackson and Big Daddy Yum Yum for the defense of their Tag Team Championship scheduled later that evening.

VP Presley would again thank the crowd and the matches would begin. The following matches are listed in the order of appearance and with the winners indicated by a (W). Defending champions will be indicated as (C) in the match listings below.

1. Singles Match
Alex Reigns w/ Rex Andrews VS Estrella Galactica (W)

Andrews would interfere and result in a disqualification giving the victory to Estrella Galactica. Main Event Pro-Wrestling Tag Team Champions Action Jackson and Big Daddy Yum Yum would take to the ring in an effort to save Galactica from further abuse at the hands of Reigns and Andrews. VP Presley would then take to ringside where would ban Reigns from ringside during Andrews Texas Championship match later tonight. He would also announce that Reigns and Andrews would be taking on Jackson and Yum Yum in the main event.

Following the match, a back stage video would play showing a confrontational interaction between Jaxon Stone and MEPW Heavyweight Champion, Carson. Stone would challenge Carson to a match before shoving the champion into the lockers. Several personnel were able to separate the two superstars and the challenge was accepted by Carson for a title defense later in the evening.

2. Diamonds Division Singles Match
Hyann VS Princess Miranda (W)

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3. Texas Championship Match
Rex Andrews (C)(W) VS Vordell Walker

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4. Main Event Pro-Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match
Jaxson Stone VS Carson (C)(W)

After the MEPW Heavyweight Championship Match, VP Presley and Announcer Ward would enter the ring to thank the event sponsors, talk about the upcoming PPV on FITE TV and in Meridian, TX, and promote the merchandise located in the arena and on VP Presley and Ward would also recognize a member of the audience for celebrating her 91st birthday at Main Event Pro-Wrestling. Ward announced that Ms. Winnie White wanted to attend that nights event and was give a complementary Main Event t-shirt as a gift. 

5. Main Event Pro-Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Action Jackson & Big Daddy Yum Yum(C)(W) VS Alex Reigns & Rex Andrews

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Main Event Pro Wrestling tag team champions Byron Wilcott and Jonathan Holt
Posted by Anthony Wesley on Sunday, March 19, 2017

Main Event Pro-Wrestling brought down the house with some hard hitting action that left fans more than satisfied. The professionalism displayed by all of the staff and superstars of MEPW, is a testament to the example they are out to set. For all upcoming events of Main Event Pro-Wrestling, visit their website or follow them on social media outlets @OfficialMEPW. 

Editor Note:
It is this authors opinion, beyond any appearance of bias for working the event, that MEPW will go on to become a mainstay of professional wrestling in the ARLATEX region. It was one of the greatest independent wrestling shows I have ever attended. Hearing the crowds reactions to every move and word spoken, shows just how much they have left an impact on their audience. 

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