Sunday, March 5, 2017

                                                B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                                                         Sat March 3, 2017

Once again a big crowd of RSWF faithful and some new faces were on hand for another night of wild
Memphis Wrestling Action.  Chris Lexx, Mia, and Marco 🌹 provided commentary. Your refs were 2 time WNC ref of the year, C-Lo Banks and his side-kick Lenso.

Match 1: Max Rage vs Hunter Havoc
Max Rage tries to jump Hunter from the get go. He punches Hunter about 5 times but it has no effect. Hunter gives Max a hard shoulder block and picks him up only to crash down with nearly 400 lbs and a power slam. 1,2,3 Hunter Havoc gets a victory.

Match 2: Jordan "Booyah Shakah" vs Frodo The Ghost
Jodan goes on the attack early with an arm bar, a scoop slam, a dead-man's chop and a cover. 1,2....
Frodo nut kicks Jodan, knees his back, corner clothelines and spears, and finally does a double arm stretcher. Jodan escapes and lands a hard atomic elbow on Frodo's head.  Jodan goes to the top but Espinoza runs out and knocks him off. The ref calls for the DQ. Your winner Jodan!!! Frodo and Espinoza keep attacking Jodan until Rob ❤ comes out and makes a save.

Match 3: The M.O.E. vs D'Mone "The Nephlim "

They exchange bear hugs, hammer locks , and full nelsons to start off.  D'Mone goes to the top rope but Moe rips him off by one leg. Alan Steel and Bishop Kage come out and walk around the ring. Moe hits D'Mone with a super kick 1,2... Moe goes up top for a Lawler fist drop but misses. D'Mone drops Moes chest on both feet. Ref Lenso gets knocked down in the process. D-Mone tries to help Lenso but Moe sneaks up from behind with a school boy wrap up for the 1,2,3!!!!

Match 4: The Bold and The Beautiful vs Frodo The Ghost and Brian Espinoza
Frodo and Espy jump B and B but Love goes crazy and double-axe handles, punches , and chops both of them. They do a dosedo and clothesline Frodo and Espy. Love tries to put Espy in a Boston crab. Frodo breaks it up. Loves snaps his chest 3 times, hip tosses , slams, and single toe holds Espy. He suplexes and back suplexes Espy. Espy goes out to the floor. Espy comes back with a neck breaker and him  and Frodo double duplex. Love comes in and clotheslines, elbows, and DDT's Espy. 1,2...Love hits a rock bottom and goes for the cover. 1,2,3! Your winners, The Bold and The Beautiful

Match 5: Maverick and Michael Roberson vs Steel Kage (The Mercenaries)
Kage tries to attack Maverick but Mav goes HAM clotheslining twice, slamming, vertical suplexing, and ramming Kage's head to the turnbuckle. He chops Kage chest hard twice. Mike comes in and spears Kage in the corner. Mike charges the corner but Kage kicks him in the torso. Alan comes in and forearms Mike hard and elbows. Mike comes back by back dropping Alan Steel hard. Mike stunners Alan and applies an Arm-Bar. Mav comes in. He throws Alan face first hard as hell into the corner. He slaps Alan's chest hard 3 times. Steel puts a stunner on Maverick's knee. Kage slaps Maverick and slams him. Maverick clotheslines. Kage hits Mav in the balks and the ref calls for the bell. Winners by DQ are Maverick and Michael Roberson.

Main Event: Fukl Deck vs Pure Power
Full Deck calls out the L.A. Hustlers and says I guess we win since everyone is scared to fight us.
All of a sudden some gangsta music comes on and Pure Power comes out lookin hard as hell. Charles Ray picks Joker way up in the air and prison chokes him. He powerslams Joker hard. He clotheslines him and standing backdrops him. Ace comes in. Charles shoulder tackles Ace hard. V-Man comes in. He throws Ace across the ring and corner clotheslines. Ace kicks V in the head. Joker comes in. They break the wishbone on V's legs. Joker hits V with a cutter . Ace comes in and DDT's.V picks Joker up  all the way to the ceiling and chokeslams him hard. Charles came in gorilla presses Ace and slams him down. Ace and Joker leave the ring and run out. The crowd chants "Chicken, Chicken!!!!" The ref counts to 10. Your winners by count out, Pure Power.

What another fun night of wrestling action!!!

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