Tuesday, February 14, 2017

                                                       B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                                                          Locked and Loaded 2017

RSWF yet again puts on an awesome show for Memphis Wrestling fans. Every match was inside of a  steel Kage. There must have been 200 or more people there. People had to stand up cause they ran out of seats. The action was off the chain.

Match 1: El Jabroni Dos vs The Blazing Star
This was Mexico vs Mexico. They started off trading wrist and hammer-locks. Blazing Star connects on a dropkick. Jabroni comes back with a clothesline. Blazing Star takes over after that with a flying head butt   2 hip tosses , a dropkick, 2 snap suplexes , a full Nelson, and modified abdominal stretch that makes Jabroni submit. Winner The Blazing Star.

Match 2: D'Mone "The Nephlim" vs Brian Valor
Brian V. starts off strong with a headlock, a drop toe hold takedown, and a backdrop. D'Mone comes back kicking about 10 times, shoulder tackling, and scoop slamming. Brian knees him and powerbombs him hard. 1,2.....Brian lands a top rope clothesline. He connects on a face drop. 1,2...Brian does a vicious German suplex and puts D-Mone in a camel clutch. D'Mone escapes and finishes Brian off with a firemen's carry slam for the 1,2,3!

Match 3: RSWF Tag Team Champions Maverick and Michael Robinson vs Full Deck
Soultaker reinstates Full Deck after firing them. Full Deck jumps Mav and Mike at the start but they fight back. Maverick throws Ace into the cage and Joker. Mike hits an elbow off the top rope. Full Deck hits both men's balls and throws them into the cage. Joker mafia kicks Mav. Full Deck double suplexes Maverick. Mav gets up and sidewalk slams Joker. Mike hits another elbow off the top. Ace grabs a broken piece of wood and attacks. Mike R. Stunners Ace out of nowhere. Maverick chokeslams both men out of no where for the 1,2,3. It appears Maverick landed funny on his head and got a concussion during the match. He looked glassy eyed after and was stumbling but they still won.

Soultaker comes out and says " Jason Hall , you've been running your mouth a lot the last few weeks. I am adding another match tonight. Me vs you, vs Marco Rose."

Main Event: The Mercenaries (Steel-Kage and The M.O.E) vs Pure Power w/ Reno Diamond
This match was more like a Bunkhouse Brawl . The Mercenaries jump out early and start punching and kicking. Mostly they just beat the crap out of each other for about 10-15 minutes. Pure Power and Reno take the advantage and while V and Charles have Alan Steel and Bishop Kage beat down on one side Reno Diamond pins The M.O.E. with a school boy wrap up  for the win.  All of a sudden Full Deck comes out after the match and runs in the cage. Full Deck and The Mercenaries jump and whoop Pure Power and Reno for a long time. Soultaker runs in and helps but ends up getting beat down. Meanwhile Jason Hall locks the cage so no one can escape. Hall and  Marco want no part of Soultaker. They finally get the cage open. Everyone runs out to the back,  The fans chant "One more Match!!! Maverick and Mike Robinson drag Jason Hall and Marco from the back and throw them in the ring. Soultaker kicks the hell out of both of them and beats Marco with a steel chair. I loved seeing Hall and Marco get the beating they deserved. Another cool Locked and Loaded in the books. Stay tuned for more wrestling action next week from RSWF.


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