Tuesday, February 7, 2017

                                           B's Roaming Wrestling Report
                                                  Bert Prentice presents
                                           USA Championship Wrestling
                                                  (Convington, H.S.)

The old 96 Mustang GT took the back roads to Covington, TN and the old school Memphis Wrestling show. My phone map may have went out and it started raining and my oil cap disappeared but finally I made it there.Must have been 700-800 people there. I stumbled upon my good friend "The Outlaw" Doug McKay. He had me a 2nd row seat saved. Sitting by him were Lenard Gross, and Miss Pam. I ran into Kevin Lawler and Will Gibson before the show started. Always good to see Will. Bought a "Dreamkiller" shirt from Eric Wayne and Mallorie. Eric would stay busy harassing some kids and stuffing one of there ball caps in his pants. Later he would have an altercation with some jerk-teen in a camo hat. It was a great time from the opening match featuring Toby Farley and Jake Law   till the main event. My good friend Danny Dollar went toe to toe with 3rd generation Memphis Wrestler "The Dream Killer" Eric Wayne. It went back and forth with Danny taking an early advantage with his size advantage. Eric came back with some old school grappling and reverse holds . He executed a sneak, fireman's carry take down . In the end the crowd favorite Danny$ was victorious. There was a Tables and Chairs match with The Starr Twins vs The New Misfits (Dell Tucker and C.T. Jordan. This one was a street fight from the jump. Everyone took about 40 bumps . In the end The Starr  Twins prevailed and the crowd went wild. The sin Event of the night was a Memphis Wrestling Legends match. "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert vs WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler. Doug talked bad about the Covington boys sports team. He got the crowd mad as hell. Lawler took the mic and said "I know something about when Little Dougy  played high school football. His team had a "drug" problem. The other team drug them all over the field! Ha ha ha." Dougy jumps the King and gives him a beat down early. He backdrops the King and even secretly hits him with a foreign object. Then Jerry drops the strap and punches Dougy a million times. He finishes him off with an RKO out of know where for the 1,2,3. The kids storm the floor as Jerry puts in his blue crown and walks off in victory. Great times with great wrestling friends.


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