Thursday, February 16, 2017

Press Release: NWL STL to move events from Thursday nights to Sunday afternoons

St. Louis pro wrestling promotion (NWL STL) moves events from Thursday evenings to Sundays starting on March 26th.

Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) February 14, 2017

NWL STL confirmed last week that they will be moving their pro wrestling events from Thursday evenings to Sunday afternoons. The first Sunday show will be held on March 26th at 6pm at the Casa Loma Ballroom.

"Having the events on Thursday evening was never ideal," said Major Baisden, League president. NWL STL has delivered three bi-weekly shows in St. Louis since opening earlier this year. "It became clear we were missing out on that large family portion of our fan base when we were running mid-week instead of the weekend. This move will definitely help to grow our attendance."

St. Louis has historically been a dominant pro wrestling town with loyal fans fondly recalling Wrestling at the Chase events and Saturday morning wrestling on TV. "I'm looking forward to our events moving to Sunday," said Matt Jackson, General Manager of NWL STL. "The move will make it easier for fans to commit to a weekend evening spent watching wrestling, instead of competing with typical midweek activities!"

The NWL STL tournament continues on Thursday, February 23rd at 7:00pm at Casa Loma Ballroom, 3354 Iowa Avenue, St. Louis Missouri. Matt Grundy of the Blood Brothers tag team will square off against outsider Cal Stark to see who advances to the quarterfinals. On the other side of the bracket, civic figurehead Cornell Douglass will take on Grundy's partner, Davey Gibson. In another key match, hometown hero Dez Wellston will battle Adam Ryan of The Underground.

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