Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Two more TNA/Impact Wrestling stars are gone

According to PWInsider.com, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis are no longer with Impact Wrestling. They had been working on per-appearance deals since their contract expired in May 2016.
They join Matt & Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway as notable talents who have recently left the company.

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Neil Taylor w/Hollywood Jimmy vs. Brett Michaels OWO Pictures

Monday, February 27, 2017


The East Amory Community Center was definitely the place to be this past Saturday.  That packed house was rockin' all night long!  Everybody's favorite, "Outlaw" JD McKay was the ring announcer for the evening. 

"Xtreme" Brett Michaels kicked things off by asking Neil "Real Deal" Taylor to honor his end of the deal and come on out wearing a chicken suit since Neil lost to Brett at the last oWo event.  "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock hit the stage, confirming that Neil is indeed a "Man of his word," but if all the fans start laughing, he's leaving and never coming back.  Well, the music hits and you see a chicken walk out wearing a "Real Deal" t-shirt.  And as expected, the fans start laughing hysterically.  As the chicken slowly approached the ring, Neil Taylor snuck inside the ring and jumped Brett from behind, leading to the opening match.  So Neil was no chicken.  I wonder who it was?  WHO? WHO? WHO? 

Opening Match-"Xtreme" Brett Michaels defeated Neil "Real Deal" Taylor with a sleeper as "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock looked on in his corner-Referee Double R-Following the match, Brett chased "Hollywood" Jimmy to the back and came back with the chicken suit in hand.  While Neil was still snoozing, Brett put the chicken suit on him and said "Damn, you a big chicken!"  When Neil woke up, he wasn't happy and the fans let him hear it, chanting "Chicken" as he left the ring.

Motley Cruz and "Hollywood" Jimmy came to the ring and wanted to speak to the new oWo Heavyweight Champion Barry Wolf.  Once Barry Wolf entered the ring, "Hollywood" Jimmy said that he took advantage that night when he won the title.  Jimmy advised Barry that he needed to do the right thing and hand over the belt and joined The Hollywood Clique.  Barry said that "Hollywood" Jimmy probably wants a sandwich and called him, The Kool-Aid Man.  When all was said and done, Barry Wolf actually handed the belt over to "Hollywood" Jimmy and embraced both Motley and Jimmy, joining The Hollywood Clique.

The Hollywood Clique's celebration was short-lived as oWo promoter, "Dirty" Terrell Moore walked out telling Barry, "I knew you was a traitor."  Dirty said he's got a tag-team for them and introduced their opponents for the night, The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova.

2nd Match-The Hollywood Clique, Barry Wolf & Motley Cruz with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock defeated The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova when "Hollywood" tossed Motley a chain that he used to hit Bone Crusher while distracting Referee Turtle.

3rd Match-Hale County Misfits, Jai Web & Chop defeated "Radical" Wil Sharp & Cameron Valentine when Cameron abandoned his partner, Wil.  Referee Double R.

Next, I had the honor of proudly presenting two of the 2016 Wrestling News Center Awards to The Power Couple, Dustin "FIVE" Starr who won the Wrestler of 2016 Award and Maria Starr, who won the Valet of 2016 Award.

OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?!  Dustin Starr then called out One half of the legendary WWE Tag-Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, saying that he's not gonna wait until the main event.  He wants him right now.  The WWE theme "Ass Man" started and Billy Gunn made his way to the ring and congratulated The Power Couple for being the two biggest jackoffs in the building.
Semi-Main Event-"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn vs Dustin "FIVE" Starr with Maria Starr-Referee Turtle-Very entertaining match that escalated into a crazy brawl when the action spilled all over the community center.  In the end, The Power Couple proved while they are the most dominant force in professional wrestling today as Dustin Starr pinned and defeated Billy Gunn in the middle of the ring. 
To view the awards presentation and the entire Dustin Starr/Billy Gunn match please check out   

Before Billy Gunn left the ring, the fans chanted, "Thank you, Billy," but Billy responded by saying, "No, Thank you because we're here to entertain you.  Thanks for coming out.  Be careful going home." 

While "Tha Stunt" Curly Moe was waiting for his opponent for the Main Event, "Hollywood" Jimmy walked out.  Curly called Jimmy, "Chicken sh....."  "Hollywood" Jimmy insisted that he's a "Good Christian Man.  I've gotta teach Sunday school tomorrow."  "Hollywood" Jimmy brought out oWo Heavyweight Champion Barry Wolf to battle Curly.

Main Event-Curly Moe vs BarryWolf managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee Turtle-During the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy ran to the back and brought back Neil Taylor.  While Barry and Neil held Curly down, "Hollywood" Jimmy whipped Curly with his belt.  Dirty ran in to help, but was quickly taken out by Barry Wolf.  "Hollywood" Jimmy whipped Dirty with the belt as well.  Then, Brett Michaels hit the ring, but the numbers were too overwhelming.  As Barry Wolf, Neil Taylor and "Hollywood" Jimmy attacked Brett Michaels, Curly Moe and Dirty, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs made his triumphant return, storming the ring with his own belt in his hand.  The Hollywood Clique quickly exited the squared circle.

Tony Dabbs announced that he's not medically cleared right now, but he's coming back.  Tony also suggested a six man tag match between Brett Michaels, Curly and Dirty vs the team of Barry Wolf, Neil Taylor and "Hollywood" Jimmy.  Dirty added a special stipulation by saying since they like to use straps and these fans like y'all why don't we make it a Fan's Lumberjack Strap Match when oWo returns on March 25th.  If they don't accept, Barry drops the belt.  Dirty went on to tell Referee Turtle that he sucked and they needed a new referee so he made Tony Dabbs the special referee for the match.

So don't miss it.  On March 25th in Amory, The Main Event will be a Fans Lumberjack Strap Match featuring Brett Michaels, Curly Moe and Dirty going against The Hollywood Clique Barry Wolf, Neil Taylor and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock with Tony Dabbs as the Special Referee.

Another fun night of action at the oWo Supershow.  I would like to thank the oWo for their wonderful hospitality.  Be sure and check out all of Tia's superb pictures.  oWo is always a Good Call!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Billy Gunn vs. Dustin Starr Photos & Video from the Standing Room Only OWO SHOW!

OWO had an incredible show last night in Amory,MS. Standing room only in the Amory Community Center.

Here are the photos & a clip from Billy Gunn vs. Dustin Starr with Maria Starr match.

Shows like these make me proud to be a wrestling fan. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

D-Rock Presents WNC's Wrestler & Valet of 2016

D-Rock presented the awards to WrestlingNewsCenter.com's Wrestler & Valet of 2016 tonight in Amory,MS. The fans of WNC voted for the Power Couple, Dustin & Maria Starr.  

Dustin & Maria are the most powerful duo in the south.