Monday, January 23, 2017

My Choke Slam Report.
Dennis McCammon

UCPWS 1/22/17
New Years Havoc
Holly Springs Ms.

folks i am telling you now if your not coming out to the UCPWS shows your really missing one hell of a good time. if you cant be entertained here you need to take up basket weaving because its not meant for you to have a good time.

The Commissioner Holly Hood addressed some going on's of UCPWS in the middle of the ring to open it all up.

DJ Menace vs Nemesis (champ)
started out of the gate fast paced dropkicks hip toss fist elbows suplex
the Nemesis in a dark state of mind waited on Dj to make a costly error and caught some knees to the face and then a modified version of a suplex into a knees to the back back breaker. Nemesis picks up the 123 and retains his heavyweight title.

Chris Ward & Chris IceMan Austin  vs XXL (tag team championship contenders match)
Not many textbook wrestling these 4 brutes just went to slugging it out kicks irish whips to the corner so hard the ring was moving. ward got in trouble a few times and it seems his partner had some distraction or a grudge and seemed to be out of pocket when ward tried to get a tag into austin. ward finally makes the tag on Austin just as it seems they are working as a team Austin hits his own partner with a stunner and screams at XXL to pin him. Still not sure whats on the mind of Austin because i believe him and Chris Ward could have went all the way and walked out at the end of the night with the titles around their waist.

Kevin Bless & Crazy Jack  vs The White Boys (tag team championship contenders match)
Good God where to even begin?? Crazy Jack made his entrance in fashion belly crawling the curtain
with skull and walking stick in head looked like a crazy voodoo medicine man even Bless was skeptical to get near him finally making there way to the ring the action was wild . chops slaps chokes stomp downs Bless was looking good then it seemed to almost turn into a handicap match for Bless as Crazy Jack spent more time at announcer table seeming to re boost his spirits and powers through the creepy skull.  The white boys took the 123 and advanced in the tag team tournament.

Gage vs Mack (lightweight title match)
last time we seen Mack he won the lightweight championship.he took the microphone thanked all the fans for his support and then said he wanted to thank the man who made it happen and to everybody's surprise out comes Tommy Jax as Macks mgr. the fans almost immediately changed their feelings towards mack. a lot of fast paced actions out of these 2 lightweight Gage had the upper hand for a moment until it may as well turned into a handicap match as the fans watched as JaxInc again showed why the Masked MC has named him JAXINC HIJINX. Mack gets the win and retains his title.

XXL vs The White Boys (winner crowned ucpws heavyweight tag champions)
this was a in my best JR voice a real slobber knocker not sure how the ring even held up slams fist boots stomps white boy went air born over the top rope taking out both members of xxl then tricked them in to a double noggin knocker they took it to the ring to the ropes to the floor .but when the smoke cleared it was the white boys taking the 123 and the tag team championship belts.

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